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I wanted to upgrade the memory on my Dell Inspiron 6000, its got a 512MB (256x2) Kingston DDR2 SDRAM, so I wrote down the model number which is (KH5512 - HYNE) and checked it out on Kingston's web site, but I couldnt find anything on it, I then tried to email their tech support, they got back to me and told me that they couldnt help me because they dont have the info on it, I also tried googling it, but to no avail. Can any of you help me shed light on this memory module, Im just intrigued :?:
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  1. Kingston has memory for this notebook. Just look up the model number on their configurator "Dell Inspiron 6000" and here's what you get:

    KTD-INSP6000/256 or 512 or 1G
    KTD-INSP6000A/256 or 512 or 1G

    The non-A is DDR2-400 and the "A" is DDR2-533.

    Max is 2GB.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it, but you did not answer my question, Im trying to get information on this particular memory model (KH5512-HYNE), and not asking on how to upgrade it.

    Its a 400MHz DDR2 SDRAM, I just wanted to know why theres not much info about it on the kingston web site (since they made it), even Kingston tech support doesnt know it, nor does google. :?:
  3. The likely reason is they made it specifically for Dell, and they don't support it, Dell does.

  4. Thanks, but once again you did not answer the question. I know what your talking about, but the memory modules that they make for Dell are mostly branded with a Dell sticker, this one (model no#KH5512-HYNE) has the Kingston sticker. I have both emailed Dell and Kingston tech support but they seem to have no idea of what it is.

    Has any of you encountered this memory model :?:
  5. I'm an engineer with Kingston, and I'm the one that creates all of the Kingston-branded Dell memory parts. I'm not sure what that part number is that you're seeing. It could be an internal Dell sku that they use to identify Kingston original memory. Sometimes PC companies buy memory directly from Kingston for their base memory. Out Tech Support wouldn't know what that sku is, cause it's not at all in our inventory system. Dell assigns their own internal skus to 3rd party memory products, including their own part numbers for that same memory.

    The Kingston-branded parts in our configurator are 100% guaranteed compatible. They're identical to your base memory. I would just get the KTD-INSP6000/xx if you want an upgrade. It's a DDR2-400 SODIMM. If you're relacing all of the existing memory, go with the "A" parts for 533MHz.

    Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, I'm happy to help. Sorry if our Tech guys weren't able to answer all of your questions...

    - Mike
  6. Thank you Mr. Kinston engineer, unfortunately you did not answer the question. As Ive said before Ive got a bunch of emails from Dell tech support and they have no clue as to what that memory module is and the same goes for Kingston tech support. It doesnt make sense to me that Dell put it in my notebook, and have no knowledge of it???

    Im not trying to be mean, but please, if you have no knowledge or information on this particular memory module (KH5512-HYNE), move along rather than give your assumptions or recommendations, thank you.

    For the record, Im a hardware junkie, thats why Im interested in knowing the specifics for this memory module.
  7. Your a hardware junkie that buys Dell! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. You said you wanted an upgrade for your Inspiron 6000, right? What question did I not answer? What specifically do you want to know about the memory module?

    Your notebook takes standard PC2-3200 (DDR2-400) or PC2-4200 (DDR2-533) SODIMMs. If you buy Kingston, get the branded part "KTD" instead of our generic line KVR, because we use specific DRAMs and ICs on the Dell parts, as well as specific testing to guarantee it's compatible.

    I'm more than happy to help.. but you need to be specific as to what you want to know. I don't know what you're reading off of the Dell module that says "KH" as it could be an IC, a DRAM, a BOM, the PCB, or an internal Dell sku that identifies it as a Hynix or Elpida original module.
  9. Quote:
    Your a hardware junkie that buys Dell! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    LOL. If he's a hardware junkie then so is my mom, 'cause she has a dell. Last night I had to talk her through using a USB jump drive. A real hardware junkie she is...

  10. Thanks ya'll, guilty as charged, I use Dell.

    Anyways, Im posting a picture of the said memory module for visualization.
  11. You never answered Em's question: What specifically do you want to know about the memory? From your pic it is using Hynix chips: google HY5PS121621F-E3 and have fun.
  12. Thanks for posting the pic.. that explains a lot. It's, as I explained, a Kingston original module that has been purchased by Dell for their base memory. That side of Kingston uses their own part numbering system that doesn't mesh with Kingston's branded products. Either way, our KTD parts are 100% equivalents and guaranteed to work. You can either buy them from us, or from Dell. Sounds like you got one from Dell.
  13. KH5512-HYNE = 256mb DDR2-400 PC2-3200 200 PIN
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