Is a 400watts PW enough???

Hello, I've just built my computer and at first, I wasn't even going to use it for gaming but now I changed my mind.
I'm thinking about buying a Video Card with the price ranging from $150 to $250.
I have 1 - PCI Express Slot.
My biggest concern is that everyone says that certain cards use alot of power and need a huge powersupply, Is my computer going to keep rebooting with a 400w PW????

My Hardware configurations are:

AMD Athlon 3200
2x512 MB DDR400
160GB Hard Drive

Thanks for the help
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  1. You should be fine.
  2. Thanks,what about the video card though do you have any suggestions??? I was thinking about getting a X800GTO but I still havent made up my mind.
  3. yes you should be fine but.....

    d'ont forget to check the 12v line amp you need 15 amp +
    to be ok.

    these specs are usually on the box or side of the psu.
    all psu are not the same the 400w advertised is kind of an average.
    check the sticky note in the psu forums.....
  4. Well i have a:
    -Pentium D 3.0 GHz
    -Gigabyte 945 Mother Board
    -Gigabyte 6600GT
    -WD 250 SATA 7200
    -2X512 CORSAIR XMS2
    -350Watt PSU

    I run (Call of duty) and (NFS most wanted) on full settings and every thing is fine.
    sure i want a bigger PSU, but this one is ok.

    I think a 400watt should be fine.
  5. So If you were in my case and had about $150 to $250 to get a video card which card would you get???
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