Is my system balanced?

I just bought a new trial system and I would like to know if you think it's well balanced (that is I would get as little bottleneck as possible).
MSI k8n neo3f (nforce4)
Athlon 64 2800
512 mb ram 400mhz kingston
MSI nx6600gt td128e pcie
SATA 160 gb

Thank you very much
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  1. mostly depends on what you want to do with it (gaming, video editing, etc), but from what I see looks pretty upgradable and mostly future proof. with things like socket 939 and PCI-E, you can throw in more power as you get more funds to upgrade.

    personaly from what I see, I would recomend getting a second 512 stick of memory to take advantage of Dual Channel, as well as having a gig for the more memory intensive apps. after that, video card and proc as available, in that order. for now thou, I dont see any problems for general usage/light gaming. anyone concur?
  2. I agree, everthing is in perfect balance right low for a lower-end gaming rig/everyday use. I would wait a little for dual core cuz he doesn't really need it right now.

    And yes, 1gb of ram will speed up ur system dramatically
  3. Hello,

    Purchase another stick of the same exact ram in order to take advantage of dual channel.

    IMO, should have bought 2x 512mb as most things run better with 1gb and pretty much a standard.
  4. Thanks a lot, I want to use it for gaming... I tried some games like NFS Most wanted and worked fine... I`ll buy 512mb certainly...
    I wasn`t sure if the video card was gonna be enough for gaming but it works ok...

    Thanks again
  5. That mobo and CPU is socket 754 so you can't get dual channel on it.

    If you have the money, I'd go up to 1gig of RAM anyways, as many games will make use of it.

    The video card is adequate for now, but if you have the budget for a bit more, a 6800GS or an X800-class will let you turn up the details more or last longer without needing an upgrade.

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