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Presently have (4) 512M mem modules that are ECC type and would now like to remove and replace with (4) 1G modules. I would like to use Non-ECC because of price difference. My question is, do I need ECC for home computing and will have an effect on installed programs?
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  1. No, you don't need ECC for home computing. I don't know what CPU you are using, so just make sure your setup can function without ECC. For example, the AMD Opterons require Registered RAM, which is often acompanied by them being ECC. Otherwise, you should be just fine with replacing them with non-ECC, and it should not affect your programs. Don't mix the ECC and non-ECC though, one or the other. If your BIOS has an ECC setting, you should turn it off or disable.
  2. Thanks. For the record I'm running a 3.2g P4 with ASUS P4C800 deluxe. If needed how would check and change bios switch?
  3. When the computer is first starting up, press the Delete key, this will take you into setup (the BIOS). I'm not sure what BIOS this board is using, and if it even has a selectable setting for ECC/non-ECC, since some do not. Probably what I would try is simply inserting the non-ECC memory in the board and then see if it boots up. If it does, there is nothing to worry about in the BIOS. If you get a series of beeps, you probably will need to go into the BIOS and search for a setting. Hope this helps.
  4. Google is your friend.

    First link gave a review that said it supports both ECC and non-ECC. Further down is a link to an Asus website (German version) I expect it will confirm that.

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