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Medal of Honor pacfic

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January 7, 2005 12:40:58 AM

I am running a system with MSI K7n2 delta board,2800 barton and XP home SP2. I am using on board sound. The problem I am having is the Mouse is acting crazy and the sound is choppy along with the graphics. The sound is also choppy on start up of windows. It is only this game every thing else works fine. The game is Medal of Honor pacific. Bruce

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January 7, 2005 4:56:56 AM

Are all your drivers updated?
Are all your temps ok?
How high have you put the graphics and what video card do you have?

<A HREF="" target="_new">My precious...</A>
January 7, 2005 10:19:27 AM

Im running nvidia fx 5200 128ddrX128 bit. Video drivers are OK. What do you means are my temps ok?The graphis are set to default when installed.Every thing else seems to work ok only into this game! Bruce

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January 7, 2005 5:04:28 PM

What res are you running at? I don't think I'd go above 1024x768 on that card.
Have you tried reinstalling it? maybe it is a bad install. Do you have dx9.0c installed? Maybe it needs that, most newer games do.

<A HREF="" target="_new">My precious...</A>
January 8, 2005 2:06:27 AM

That is one of the most demanding games out there. It brings my system to it's knees at 1024 if I crank the details. Min reqirements are a 1.5Ghz CPU, 512MB Ram. Anyway, my 9800 pro is leaps and bounds above an FX5200, I'd start at 8x6 LOW with that card in MOHPA, epecially considering it's the weekest DX9 card made and is probably being forced to render the DX9 codepath.

<A HREF="" target="_new"> My</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">Gamer</A>
January 8, 2005 7:00:59 AM

If that game is bringing your computer to it's knees and you have a 9800 vid card you are havin probs, lol. That game is not demanding at all :) 
How does D3 run on your comp? lol

<A HREF="" target="_new">My precious...</A>
January 8, 2005 12:58:17 PM

It's not demanding? Who are you kidding? Have you played it with fraps on to actually see your framerates? It has the steepest minimum requirements of any game released to my knowledge. It's all about the settings of course. I can play it smooth at 1024x768 just fine, but not at max settigs. By to it's knees, I a mean unacceptable framerates causing me to lower deatails from max. At max settings it gets slow in some areas, as would any 9800 pro. It's about like Farcry in that respect. In contrast, I play HL2 at the highest settings at 1280x1024 no AA/AF, and it runs just fine. I think I ran the doom 3 demo at 1024 high ok but not great, but medium was no problem at all.

I'll have to intall it on the A64 now and see if there are any patches, but I'd be surprised if I could call 1024 max details any smoother than on the P4 2.6C Radeon 9800 pro that I first installed it on. I don't like playing games with the framerates in the 40's and lows dropping below 30 fps, and will quickly reduce settings if I see lows in the low 20's.

Hey the demo is free, I invite anyone to try the first single player demo with fraps and see for themselves. MOHPA has some buddies with P4 or AXP systems and GF4Ti4200's finally realizing just how in need of an upgrade they are.

<A HREF="" target="_new"> My</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">Gamer</A>
January 8, 2005 1:11:49 PM

OK, just to back up my humble yet capable system :smile: , look at <A HREF="" target="_new">this review</A>, and the following quote from the conclusion:

<b>"Overall MOHPA is a cutting edge, graphically intensive and demanding game. The downside is you need a really powerful machine to run it with all the eye-candy it was intended to deliver. EA lists the minimum specs as 1.5 GHz processor, 512 MB Ram and 3.0 GB disc space, ATI Radeon 8500 and higher or NVIDIA GeForce3 or greater, expect GeForce4 MX. I would more be more inclined to suggest 2.8 GHz or higher, 1 GB Ram, and at least the ATI x800 series or NVIDIA 6800 series."</b>

PHEW, I am not losing it, how dare you insult my PC. :lol:  :tongue: *pats Gamer on it's shiny antec case, "it's ok big feller, that mean THGC guy can't hurt you now, I know you rock." *

See unlike HL2 and D3 that were designed to run on a slow machine, EA didn't put that kind of time into MOHPA. A GF4MX can not run it. GF3, Radeon 8500 or higher, EXCEPT the GF4MX, as well as 512MB ram and 1.5GHz CPU minimum! Now we of course wouldn't want to play HL2, Farcry, D3 on 256MB ram, but that is the minimum spec. MOHPA says 512MB minimum. Too my knowledge it is the first game i have seen that 512MB is declared the minimum, although obviously to us gamers, 512MB has been the minimum for quite a while now.

And that review recommending AT LEAST a X800 or GF6800 series card? Wow, and what's up with that. Jumping ahead for the future. Those are the top cards, how can it be at least. :tongue:

<A HREF="" target="_new"> My</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">Gamer</A>
January 8, 2005 11:46:00 PM

I gave that demo a try and it ran perfectly smooth on my pentium machine runnin at 1280x1024@85hz and max graphics. I didn't get any fps measurments w/ it bec I don't have fraps and don't really care to install it but it ran nice and smooth so oh well...
The graphics don't seem THAT good but it does seem to be very poorly put together. The source engine in hl2 is like night and day to this thing, lol.

Lets just call it quits for this argument, we sure haven't solved Bruce's problem yet :) 

<A HREF="" target="_new">My precious...</A>
January 9, 2005 4:00:38 AM

Well, I did not even think of it as an arguement. Sorry if it came out that way. Something seems wrong that 1280x1024 max is perfectly smooth though with a 9800 pro.

Anyway, I need to reinstall it on this new system. Although I never had any gaming issues on the P4 system at all, but I know that 1280x1024 Max(my prefereed settings) would not be playable in that single player demo for me.

I doubt the P4 2.6C was that cpu limiting to my performance, and i had 1 GB of Corsair dual channel ram running too, but I will see how this A64 does with the same video card and ram as i want to start playing that game now that I finished HL2. I'll be thrilled to discover that unlike the first playing of the demo, I can play the retail game in it's current state (patches ?) at 1280x1024 max. That would be just perfect IMO.

As far as the original question, I have no answers accept that integrated audio often causes issues in gaming, and definately robs performance compared to a dedicated card. I'd say too little memory, or inadequate HDD space may cause studering. Check avaialble HDD space, defrag, look to see if the HDD is caching alot during the game. I'll have to check if he stated how much ram he has.

<A HREF="" target="_new"> My</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">Gamer</A>
January 9, 2005 4:06:14 AM

OK Bruce. let me ask how much system ram you have? If it is 1GB, you should be just fine and we need to look elsewhere to solve this problem. If it is 512MB, you will clearly have HDD caching going on while playing causing a little studder at times. If it is under 512MB, well then that is your problem.

Now if you do have 512MB of ram or higher, do you notice if the HDD is spinning up (HDD led flashing, HDD noise) alot while playing MOHPA? If so, how much free HDD space do you have, and have you recently defragged it?

Just a few quick suggestions, please let us know a little more about your system and if this helps.

<A HREF="" target="_new"> My</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">Gamer</A>