I got my tft7020 today. It's nice and large, but what I find is that there seems to be a flickering, and it gets worse as I change setting from 60hz to 70/72/75. What's the problem- is it the backlight or something?

My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
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  1. Time to call Compaq customer support.

    Jim at
  2. Forget trying higher refresh, you really need to go with the optimal rate, as recommended by the manufacturer.

    My Samsung 150mp runs optimally at 60hz. It will do 75hz but the display quality is poorer. You have to get out of the 'higher is better' reasoning that applies to CRT's.

    However, if it flickers at the optimum rate then the monitor is probably at fault. Try using it with natural ambient light and no ambient light, see how it looks then.
  3. I also noticed that with the Eizo. Actually the picture was good up until 70Hz, above that it was worse.
    That is with an analog connection.

    Are you using a DVI connection and if yes, can you notice a difference ?
  4. It still happens at 60Hz, which is the optimal refresh at 1280x1024. In digital, this thing is sooo much better. Text is much clearer, and image quality is better. Some banding in analog, but no such thing in digital. It left me breathless when playing wolfenstein. This damn flickering though!

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  5. But does the flickering occur when at 60Hz? Well, compaq tech support was VERY nice. As soon as the next shipment of LCD's comes in, they gonna send a technician w/ a new LCD to replace this one, and check out what the problem was. Otherwise, this thing is honestly breathtaking!....maybe it's cause I went from 800x600 to 1280x1024 (and also my Quadro DCC can run all my games well at this res!!)

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  6. I got my 7020 a month ago.
    I have no problems with it - using the analog input.

    The picture quality sweeps your feet away. The only downside is that I can never really appreciate a CRT monitor again ;)

  7. I'm expecting to received my TFT7020 today! Though, at this point I'm only able to hook it up via analog so I need to know: Does the monitor come with a analog cable ?

    Can't wait!!!!

  8. it comes with both analog and DVI
  9. To all happy TFT7020 users, could you tell me how the fast games like quake 3, counterstrike, unreal, are displayed on the screen ? (shadowing ?)
    Thanks !
  10. No shadowing. Guys, (for those w/ TFT7020 that work right) how good is the picture when u view from angle..on mine it;s all weird...

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  11. i have played rtcw and counter strike on this baby - no problems at all - no shadowing.
    This ofcouse has nothing to do with the particular model, but with the fact that the response time is 25 ms - which can be found on many models.

  12. Actually that is not necessarily true. The Eizo L365 has a 25ms rt, and above 25fps, there is some ghosting.

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
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