Which mobo better for overclocking?

Hi guys..

Sorry for the trouble fellows.. I've set up my mind to go for a AMD64 +3700. I was checking for motherborads and ppl give different ideas. Anyway narrowed it down to a Nforce4 Ultra either GB or Asus.
My concern is, if i'm overclocking, which mobo is better:
GB has EasyTune and Asus has AI NOS. Any idea which one is better? I'm not a very experienced with overclocking, so i need some protection too. u know something to warn me if i've done wrong or to rollback to defaults.
And also, what kind of power would be enough? is 400W supply enough or better to go for 600W?

Thanks a lot guys..

Best regards,
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  1. Too bad. For learning to OC, no-one has better than Abit, with thier u-guru chip.
    On the other hand, the best Asus board for OCing uses the new Ati chipset. (A8R-MVP)
    The gigabyte boards are more general purpose, not known for OCing.
  2. in my opinion ,DFI is your best sellection.
    just seeing the oc records ,the oc system is almost based on DFI mobo.
    even ,we can say ,DFI is the NO.1 in OCing amd chips.

    as for power supply ,it is depended on you whole hardware system,such as Graphics card ,memory ,HD and so on.

    if not making a SLI architecture,maybe 400w is enough for you.
  3. DFI makes thebest OCing boards but with them it helps if you know what you are doing. Abit makes the next best OCing boards (IMO) followed by ASUS.

    As far as PSUs go, 400W should be fine with a single vid card setup but go with 450W or more if you plan to have an SLI setup. With AMD 64 systems, the key is to get as stable a PSU as you can. With that in mind, my choices would be either a Seasonic 500W or 600W, a Sunbeam NUUO 550W, an OCZ Modstream or a PC Power & Cooling PSU. The Sunbeam will be the cheapest but it is right up there as far as stability and efficiency goes. Match the DFI board with an OCZ modstream, they go well together.

    Remember to do your research on RAM/Mobo combinations....not all mobos like all RAM.
  4. CD is right about DFI; they are great, but likely to be much more complicated to set up right. Unless you have lots of time and patience, go with Abit or the EPOX 9NPA+Ultra for overclocking.
  5. hehe, I am going for the Asus A8R-MVP

    The most important thing that the Asus A8R-MVP brings us, however, is not the competitive USB and SATA2 capabilities - they are just icing on the cake. The A8R-MVP is a monster of an overclocker - a mainstream board that proves that you don't have to spend a fortune to get incredible flexibility in pushing your system performance to new levels. This is the kind of board that serious overclockers love - a value-priced board that can be coupled to a value-priced AMD Socket 939 Opteron, for example, to get beyond top-of-the-line performance.
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