Shuttle SN26P SLI system

Hi guys,

I was thinking of putting together a shuttle SLI gaming rig over a full size desktop, purely for portability reasons (I'd have to travel with it).

Shuttle SN26P (nForce 4, 350W PSU)
AMD X2 4800+
Corsair XMS 2GB RAM (2x1GB) DDR400
Seagate 7200RPM 200GB HDD
Dual eVGA GeForce 7800GT 256MB

My main worry with this system would be overheating. The previous iteration of the SN26P came with dual GeForce 6800's preinstalled with a heatpipe cooling system. The Shuttle site ( offers to build SN26 systems with configs up to AMD 4800+ with dual 7800GTX's (at ridiculously marked up prices). I'm not sure whether they heatpipe the GTX's, but I can't imagine the stock heatsinks alone managing all that heat. Since the barebones SN26 I'll be getting obviouly can't come with heatpipe installed 7800GT's, will the retail cooling systems on the 7800GT's be sufficient (especially with them so close to each other, and the 4800+ cooking things up)? Doesn't seem very plausible to me, but the fact that shuttle is offering to build rigs that generate even more heat (the dual GTX's) makes me wonder.

I'm also considering the AMD X2 4400+ option, though that would leave me enough room to get two 7800GTX's. What would be advisable, an X2 4400+ with dual GTX's or a 4800+ with dual GT's?

On a side note, the SN26 isn't exactly a cheap option being the first SLI SFF rig. Anyone have any idea whether this trend of SLI SFF systems will continue? If so woud you think it better idea to hold out a few more months for other SLI configs (from shuttle or wherever) to bring down prices?

Any other suggestions/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. You might consider getting a better PSU. I don't think 350W is enough for the components you listed.
    About heat-just make shure you have at least one good case fan.
  2. Hello,

    GT and GTX has a min power equirement of 400 or 420, though I would recommend 480 and up. 1 GTX is generally more than good enough.
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