Overclocking AMD 4400+

Sup, I'm about to get a AMD 4400+, 2x1024 ddr 400, asus sli-32, 2xasus nvidia 7800 gt and 2 74gb 10k raptor hdd in raid 0.

Do you think I can overclock the CPU to 30 ghz? I was able to OC my XP2600+barton to 2.414 ghz ealily!
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  1. Reports are that it gets up to 2.6 and 2.8 ealily!
    The Opteron 175 might do it ealilyer!
  2. Quote:
    might do it ealilyer!

    Ealilyer? :? :?: :? :?:

  3. I dont think you can overclock it to 30 Ghz. Lol I know you meant 3.0 Ghz.
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