Help me here the GrOvEy SoUnDs again MaNn


"I have just formatted a `Toshiba Satellite A30-921`"

and every thing went fine,,,,,

untill the sound driver didn't do its job!

Toshiba website gave me this to install:
unzipped it and ran the setup file, installed the program and restarted windows.
but still no sound! checked in control panel and it said no sound card installed.
uninstalled it and did it through hardware setup wizzard and windows couldn't find it.
so i guided it to the only file with any thing to install "wmd" file and intalled the first file there and i installed,

Realtek AC97 audio file.

it now says that i have a sound card installed, but still no sound.
i have checked all the setting for mute and volume and all are fine

I can't find any enable/disable audio or sound card in the bios settings.

and As the title suggests im up sh*t creak without a reefer!

I would rip open the back to have a look, but it is not mine and I don't want the hassle of actually doing any real damage.

Help me here the GrOvEy SoUnDs again MaNn.

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  1. how does that look in the device manager. Is you sound device listed there? Rightlick to see its properties and hit the driver tab. Is the device listed and installed and ready to use or you can see some exclamation marks?
  2. mofrap04

    I have the same problem as you do. It is making me mad. Have you found out how to fix it. I have tried everything. Can you help me!! or can some one else help me
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