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How to use 6 Monitors with Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe?

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December 17, 2005 7:19:25 PM

Am building a computer to use for stock trading - 50 charts, 3 different software programs. Need speedy number crunching with 2D graphics for charts. Don't need gaming graphics. Will use Athlon64 x2 4400+ with Corsair TWINX2048-3500LLPRO 2G memory, 2 WD 740 Raptor in Raid strip and 1 Seagate 160G for backup. Have 6 20 inch 1600x1200 LCD monitors. Question is: how to put 6 monitors thru 2 PCIE cards? Or can I put 2 monitors thru each of 2 head PCIE cards and use a 2 head PCI card? Will the latter work? Inexpensive graphics cards are adequate as they merely report charts. I can use any ideas and help, please. Thank you.

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December 17, 2005 9:06:53 PM

Anybody out there? If so, please help.
December 17, 2005 9:56:59 PM


Most of us "the average consumer" will not have 6 LCD's hooked up.
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December 17, 2005 10:21:10 PM

6 20" displays, can you not just window them, and use dual displays of 24", fitting 2 windows per display, and tab for the other two lacking? I would get that and the X1800XT and enjoy!
Or get two X1800XT's with the Asus A8R-MVP, an Oteron 175 or 180, and 4x 24" LCD's using two X1800Xt's giving you 8 open displays effective at 1920/2x1200 for 8 x 960x1200 displays!
You should be able to swing that!
December 17, 2005 10:25:09 PM

Thank you.
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December 19, 2005 1:23:04 AM

Maxtor has tripple-head, 6 displays could come from two PCI-Express cards using an SLi motherboard for independant cards. I've done four displays from two dual-output ATI cards in that manner.

You can get even more displays by using one of those Maxtor splitters, that allows you to send a super-wide image out of one head to the splitter, and have it split across two screens. But that doesn't allow you to control the screens separately.

Another option is Maxtors PCI-Express x1 card. I believe it supports two outputs. One of those and two other dual-head cards gives you six displays...
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December 19, 2005 2:25:16 AM

I believe Crashman is talking about the Matrox video cards. However, they only seem to have PCI or AGP cards up to 4 monitors per card. I personally use the Matrox Parhelia Series which allows you to display your desktop across three displays.

I have also used two of their Matrox QID Pro plus a onboard video card which enabled me to use nine monitors at the same time for a project I was working on.

Matrox makes great video cards
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December 19, 2005 4:30:44 AM

Nope, they have PCI-Express as well. Thanks for pointing out their quad displays, he could support up to eight displays using Two 4-head PCI-Express cards
December 19, 2005 2:55:17 PM

Thanks very much ya'll. I really, really appreciate the info. Trying to do it as inexpensively as possible yet with the best quality for the money is the challenge.
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December 19, 2005 3:07:39 PM

A low-end PCI card could display two active charts on two monitors, so any combination of cards should work fine.