what's the best gaming mobo to pair w/ AthlonXP 3200+?

Hi fellows, I'm kinda need some good advice. I'm planning to upgrade to an AthlonXP 3200+, I choose this CPU coz it's really cheap right now in our country: you can get it 'round $140 or so. Which gaming mobo would be the right choice for this one?
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  1. The Asus A8R-MVP is reckoned to be a pretty competitive overclocker board, by reviews, AnandTech is one to look at.
  2. are you kidding? this board is socket 939, athlon XP's are socket A.
  3. I want a good answer from the expertise.
  4. Sorry, I have an Abit XP board, have not used it in about a year.

    Oh well, you can dream!
  5. Quote:
    What socket is the new Asus A8R-MVP? Socket 939 maybe?
    I am putting this Opteron 175 (939pin) I have sitting on my desk in it when my board arrives mid week...

    what the.........

    please I really need a good advice.
  6. Quote:
    please I really need a good advice.

    I had a really long two days, exsqueeze me, really.
  7. pleazzzzzzz.... just give me a clue, I'm serious. I really need to find out which mobo to choose before this holiday ends.
  8. Hello,

    Get a Asus A7N8x
  9. Take your pick at some preferences
    Give some feedback, like what is availabe where you are....

    Epox is good.

    Abit is good. (I have a preference for Abit)

    and so is Chaintech!

    Does no good to suggest a board you can not get.
  10. Get a Asus A7N8x

    thanx for the clue, man. I've just read an article about it in THG and it's the best choice for socket A platform.Thanx a lot.
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