Christmas upgrading

What do you guys think of my upgrades? Can you make sure everythign is compatible?
Case: Thermaltake Tsunami Dream

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-K8NSC-939


CPU: AMD Opteron 148 Venus

HDD: Western Digital Raptor WD360GD 36.7GB

Heatsink: ZALMAN CNPS9500

FYI: I plan on overclocking the CPU as much as it wants to go and my ram to about ddr500.

I have Corsair XMS (2x512 2-2-2-5) and a 6800 gt overclocked to 435/1.15@1.35v
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  1. Young one, your linky skills lack a lot to be desired. Go back, embrace the edit, and correct your linx, and in time, you will know the ways of the linkmaster. Also extra points are given if you type or copy the description above the link, so the linx can just be just a reference. and even better, make your descriptions linkable to the link...
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  2. Sorry about that, all fixed.
  3. Case not bad, this is one I just ordered with window

    Gigabyte board is not bad, if it has features you like/need that is good.

    I have same PSU, got it a month ago. Not flashy, but performs as stated, and long calbles and plenty.

    Might check prices on Opteron 170, will only help slightly in current gaming, but will change in the future, but costs a $60 more...

    Also, the 74gig Raptor is noticably faster than the 36, but nonetheless the Raptor is the fastes current champ.

    Not a bad HS, the Thermalright SI-120 has better cooling temps, but if not OC'ng that one is fine. I went with the TT BigWater SE for $100 instead of air. Not but a couple of degrees cooler, but quieter and has that cool facter, plus is easy to install.

    RAM is fine, not much better than that....
  4. So the Thermalright Si-120 is the best possable heatsink I can buy?
    and the Opteron 170 is $459.00, which is 2x teh price of the 148.
  5. bump
    Is the cpu and mobo compatible?
    Is the SI-120 the best heatsink avaliable?
    Is this motherboard better:
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