Monitoring GPU temp In-Game

im in the process of OCing my 6600 GT, and I want to establish my GPU temp at full load as a referance to how much more i can squeze outta the thing.

My question; is there a program out there that allows you to see, or record in the backround, the running GPU temp? Is there a free benchmark that does this? (assume ALt-Tab'in to see the Nvidia sensor reading is not the best way)
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  1. Use this program to put your GPU under 100% load, it runs in a window, and use Rivatuner to monitor the temperatures.
  2. digital display is the best

    I have 2 psu you can see them in the pic one for the cpu, gpu memory, cdroms hd's.
    The other is for the digital display it has 5 monitors and each have its own 12 volt hook-up.
    the reading you see now is the gpu temps and water pump rpm and the second reason for 2 psu is this system takes more than one psu and also I wanted a way to keep my pumps to run while the system is shut down you also use no system memory or system power which in my opinion is very important for system performance
    NOTE DO NOT PLACE TEMP SENSORS ON TOP OF CPU CORE THAN PUT THE HEATSINK ON YOU WILL DISTROY THE CPU. not bad temp for the gpu running 200mhz faster than the clock speed that is constant temp nomater how hot or how long the system is running

    I've had lots of friends and family ask me how can a single core cpu be so fast, frames are higher than most 64 cpus and my bench marks is the top of the list for a single core except for the fx ,currently I play bf2 and other high end games with high to very high setting with exceptional frames rates this is possable because I have power and I made a few changes to the mb for speed, 2 volts at 265mhz on a 1.65 cpu and a 200 fsb.
    If it was not for the display I would be uneasy at running the machine.
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