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Can anyone give me any links to present day 939 socket processor installations either using a stock heatsink and fan or a 3rd party one?

I am a little curious as to how to install a 3rd party as ive seen the stocks almost always come with a thermal pad already on them.

I dont know how much arctic silver 5 i should put on the 939 processor before i stick the 3rd party heatsink/fan on , i also heard that if you dont use the stock heatsink/fan it voids your warranty, is this true?

How difficult is it to make sure u get just the right amount of artic 5 on the 939 processor? must u spread it around with ur finger, or just put a small blob and then place ur heatsink on it?
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    As far as I know it technically voids the 3yr warranty if you don't use the stock heatsink, or there's only a short warranty if you get the 'oem' type CPU.

  2. amd has a certified heatsink list some where.
  3. AS has a how to on thier web site.
    Do not use a bare finger to apply TIM. The oils on your finger are not good as a thermal conductor, may cause TIM breakdown.
    The purpose of Thermal Interface Material is to fill the tiny spaces between the two mating surfaces. Less is better, you don't want to float the chip.
  4. think ill just use the stock heatsink fan that comes with the Amd 64 3700+, ic an always replace the heatsink/fan if i think its crappy
  5. I doubt you will think it's crappy. I am running a 3200 @ 500mhz over standard, using a stock cooler. I wish my gfx card had as quiet a fan.
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