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Radeon 9600 and Need f Spd Undgrnd2 crash

Last response: in Video Games
January 8, 2005 9:31:59 PM

I hope someone can guide me to get Need for speed undergroun 2 working on my system. It keep on dropping back to the desktop after the splash screen, even in safe mode with the lowest settings on the abit Radeon9600.
My system:
Gigabyte 7n400 pro motherboard
AMD 2400XP
512 Ram
AGP8x Radeon 9600 256mb

I've installed catalyst driver 4.9 but no luck???!!!

January 9, 2005 6:22:46 PM

I've tried ati's cat4.1* and 4.7 and 4.9 with no luck yet I've initially had troubles running midnight club2, after and update to catalyst 4.2 it worked with the odd time while playing it dropped back to desktop, but clicking on the taskbar where the program was still running it's gone back to the game where I left of.
I've done directX check and believe that my windows might be the culpret, for my machine is running much slower the past month.
Running on windows xp pro


I wont try safe mode again!
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January 9, 2005 11:16:31 PM

Do you have the latest DX? 9.0C
Give the latest catalyst drivers a try, the 4.11 or 4.12. They have versions w/o that crapy control center thing that breaks your computer :) 
I was reluctant to upgrade from 4.9 for the longest time. When I made sure I didn't need that control center bs I gave them a try. Everything runs much better now.

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January 10, 2005 2:26:39 AM

what was the last driver you used that supported the game/games that you play?

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January 16, 2005 10:13:52 PM

Thanx you all, I've got it running now.
I've re-installed windows and ati drivers of the cd (Cat 4.12) and dx9c and it's working fine but doesn't seem to like the anti alising setting enabled in the game - screen goes dark. Never the less it running brilliant and what a brilliant game!!!

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