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Gonna network 2 comps together with them sharing a cable connection. Wondering if it is possible to make the client comp have the net connection without turning on the server.
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  1. yeah, get a router.

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  2. Just check up on some routers, i cant seem to find file/priner sharing option on them. Do the router act as file/printer sharing centre or do i need extra NIC to get file/printer sharing option?
  3. Some will have it. You will need a gateway router to use the network. Some printers will have built-in NICs to be able to do this, while others have USB. You'll need to get an appropriate router for either case.

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  4. the <A HREF="" target="_new">DI-704P</A> has a parallel print server

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  5. I have great experience with the router.
  6. I'm running a dl 704p and I must say it works very well indeed.

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