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I've yet to build my own comp and am coming closer to making my first purchase. One of the last remaining questions I have involves extra fans:

POWMAX CP0327PL-4 Window Black/Silver Computer Case

What size of fans would I need to get to mount two on the back side below the PSU and one in the front (I think 80mm, but can you go bigger?). Noise isn't too much of an issue, and I wouldn't mind tossing around 5 more dollars to get some nice LED lights on them.

Would 2 fans below the PSU, a fan on the front, and a fan on the side be overkill -- or would it be just the right ticket?
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  1. Looks like 80mm. Doesn't look like there's room to put 120's in there.

    Umm, didn't notice it before - that's going to be a pretty cruddy PSU - I'd recommend a better one - maybe a 400w Fortron Source for $40 or something by Antec or Enermax around 400w.

    Put 2 fans in front (they look like 80's too) and you'll even out the air pressure better - should try to keep the in fans = out fans.

    Umm, wait - you're getting an A64 system, aren't you? That may be overkill, but you'll definitely have a well ventilated case. :)

  2. oh, just build your own dang case and forget the dumb psu that they got. Think of what you could build with an old case and the 50 bucks you can spend on other things. Shoot, just put together something crazy looking, not just a light show for that kinda money. Look around for case mods. Spend good money on a psu though. You can buy lights for it after that.
  3. I'd be worried. Especially over the power supply, I've had over a dozen that simply spilled there guts all over the inside.
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