3700+, (X2)3800+, 4000+?

I want to put together a new gaming pc. Can't decide for the X2 3800+ (Manchester, €369), 4000+ (San Diego, €389), 3800+ (Venice, €318) and 3700+ (San Diego, €249)

For gaming the 4000+ seems to be the fastest, but how soon wil the software be better optimized for dual core and thus the X2 3800+ be faster?
And is the 4000+ worth the €140 if it is only 10% faster according to the charts?

Anyone some practical advice? For Videocard I'll go for 7800GT. Or is there better for same money?
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  1. this thread starts to make sense, about half way through.
  2. Well I can't tell you about the 3700+, but I do own a 4000+ and a 3800+ (X2). I initially setup my gaming system with the 4000+, but since I had started to do more transcoding, I felt dual core was needed. Here are my numbers from 3DMARK05:

    3800+(X2) @ 2.4ghz / 7800gtx 256mb(490/13100) = 8635
    4000+ @ 2.7ghz / 7800gtx 256mb(490/13100) = 8589

    Then I went SLI!!!

    3800+(X2) @ 2.37ghz/ 7800gtx 256mb(490/13100) SLI = 12047
    4000+ @ 2.64ghz / 7800gtx 256mb(490/13100) SLI = 12249

    My memory is Corsair XMS Twinx2048-3200c2pt 2-3-3-6-1T

    There's really not a big difference in the numbers when I compared the 2, but for me I felt the 3800+ was smoother although they performed about the same in my setup. Hope this helps... :D
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