Need help picking motherboard urgently!!! HELP!

Hi all,
i got all the specs set for my new rigg, all but a mobo :

amd X2 3800+
1x evga 7800GT (SLI does not intrest me)
3x74gb raptors
2x1gb corsair XMS series

im planning on setting up the raptors in a raid 0.
I havent figured out which setup would be better -
1. 2 raptors in a raid 0 for the OS and program files and 1 raptor for virtual memory and scratch disk for photoshop
2. 3 raptors in a raid 0 that will have the OS, program files virtual memory and scratch disk for photoshop as well.

can someone please recommend a good socket 939 mobo (preferable an nvidia chipset) for this setup?
and please tell me which setup is better performance-wise for the raptors.

thank you.
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  1. Feels pretty useless to buy a SLI board if he isn't going to get 2 7800s at the same time. And he clearly said that he isn't interested about SLI technology, propably because he is going to buy just one card now, so no reason to show him boards which support SLI when he would only pay extra for feature he isn't going to need 8O
  2. Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to thank you for ur input.
    I eventually purchased a DFI SLI DR mobo. Although im not planning on using SLI, at least not in the near future, the mobo had a great bundle of features, great reviews, and seems to be top build quality for overclocking options. one of the features i liked most about it is that it has a ton of sata connectors to choose from. onboard raid + and additional raid on top of that as well. I bundled this board with 3 74gb raptors which will probably be set in a raid 0.
    Thanks once again.
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