DVD Storage Device??

My wife's birthday is coming up very soon! She mentioned a very small device that can store DVD movies. When traveling, she can bring only the device that can plug to any TV/laptop/etc to watch DVD's without packing them all. Device does not come with Harddrive. Any Clues??
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  1. Something like this...


    Toms hardware 2005 christmas review talks about a similar device.
  2. hi there i am looking for the same thing to store my 400 dvd`s onto.the best thing i have seen so far is the arhos media tablet which also stores pic,music and you can get internet etc through it.
    search online for it and there is a good deal for a 250gb one with connector to record tv etc and case for £365.
    good luck
  3. Hey, i am also looking for this kind of thing , was searching on the internet since last one week.

    May Be you can get something from this:-



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