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Hi, I just built my first PC so I guess I'm somewhat of a n00b. My problem is that my Athlon 64 3500+ Venice is running very hot. It idles at around 48C while everyone else reports an idle temp of around 30C using the stock HSF. :? I think maybe I applied the Arctic Silver 5 wrong. On the instructions it says to just lower the HSF onto the CPU and wiggle it a bit and that the pressure from the HSF would eventually spread out the AS5. I don't know why, but I somehow couldn't lower the HSF and wiggle it so I decided to just spread the paste out myself. So I did that and installed the HSF by the directions and when I first booted the PC, the BOIS reported a core temp of 50C. Do you guys think maybe I didn't apply the paste evenly or something? What should I do, reinstall the HSF? How should I clean up the first application of AS5 if I do reinstall the HSF? Thanks.

BTW I'm using the CPU with an EVGA 133-K8-NF41 motherboard.
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  1. Is that with the stock fan? If so, since you put on AS5, did you take off the stock thermal pad (looks like a pad of paste on the bottom of the HSF)?

    When you say you spread it around yourself, did you use your finger? (I hope not)

    What kind of case and PSU do you have? What other fans are in the system? The HSF may be doing its job fine, but it can't cool down a CPU if it is in an enclosed space with no airflow.

    Use rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth or paper towel to clean off the old paste.

    Don't know what's wrong yet since I need more info to hazard a guess.

  2. Yes, I am using the stock fan. No, I didn't take off the thermal pad. Is that bad? I spread the thermal paste using a plastic sandwich bag over my finger. I don't think it's my case's fault. I have an MGE Titanium mid-atx case with 3 92mm fans and 2 80mm fans, so there's definitely enough airflow. I'm using an Aspire ATX-AS520W 520W PSU.
  3. Yep, that's bad. Pull the HSF off and clean off both the original thermal pad and the old AS5 and apply new.

    Best way to apply AS5: http://www.arcticsilver.com/arctic_silver_instructions.htm

    Good call on the sandwich bag!

    You've got a good case & fans, so I expect this should fix your problem.

  4. OK Thanks! So I'm suppose to remove the thermal pad if I use AS5? Should I spread the paste or just set the HSF on the CPU and wiggle? Also for cleaning, I think it says to use 99% isopropyl alcohol, but my rubbing alcohol is only 70%. Is that still OK? Thanks again.
  5. 99% is better, but 70% will do fine.

    Definitely remove the original pad if you use AS5.

    I spread it out on mine when I installed it (I used the side of a credit card but whatever...), other people say to wiggle the HSF and it'll spread on its own... I guess both ways work.

  6. Your temp should dip down below 40C once you take off that thermal pad. Also, spread the arctic silver a thin as you possibly can.

  7. Oh OK. Thanks a lot guys. I guess I am a n00b for not knowing that the pad was suppose to be taken off, lol...
  8. The stock thermal pad is actually pretty good if used alone - but removing it and adding paste makes a better thermal 'connection'.

  9. Thanks for tips here as well.

    Im going to endup following the same procedures myself.

    Can you get the as5 too thick? if so - what happens?
  10. If its too thick the pressure of the clamp will squeeze it out the sides.

    If its too thin there will be 'dry' spots that can heat up and cause heat problems.

    Better to have a little too much than a little too little.

  11. but not to much too much!!! Just about a bb is enough.
  12. True! Much better to have a little too much than much too much - better yet is just the right amount!

    :lol: :lol:
  13. Hmmm...

    I put considerably more than 'one bb' on the die. screwed the heatsink down tight, and nothing leaks out.

    my CPUs STILL run at 60deg in idle mode.
  14. Remove the sink, clean that mess, put the size of.. that: O(well, it depend of the size of your font, but anyway.. commons sense should do the job).. Thermal paste is not tooth cleaning paste.. it is used to fill micro cavities between the CPU and the heat sink.. If micro is small, then you need small amount..
  15. Hey guys, thanks for the help earlier, but I sort of told you guys the wrong thing last time. It turns out there was no thermal pad, it was just the preapplied thermal paste that came with the stock HSF (it was gray, thin, and pretty solid so my bad). Anyways, I cleaned everything off (70% isopropyl alcohol works wonders) and applied the AS5 exactly according to the directions. I might have put a little less (maybe 1.25 grains of rice and not 1.5), but I didn't want to overdo it. Now my CPU idles at around 46C instead of around 50C, but that's definitely not what was suppose to happen. Any ideas?

    BTW my friend made a really funny comment: "The Arctic Silver people give the ammount of paste in terms of rice for the Asians and in terms of a BB for the Americans." rofl... I'm Asian, so I have no idea how big a BB is, lol.
  16. Oh crap. I downloaded that SpeedFan program to monitor my CPU temp and it says my idle temp is 36C... I would think that my BIOS is more reliable but which one is the real temp? BTW the BIOS shows my CPU temp before Windows startup. Would that be putting some load on the CPU or doing anything to make the temp hotter? I just want to know if everything is working fine so I can actually use my PC without worrying about it blowing up or something. Please help guys. Thanks.
  17. Quote:
    I don't know why, but I somehow couldn't lower the HSF and wiggle it so I decided to just spread the paste out myself.
    Because of this statement I'm thinking the HS is not making good contact with the CPU?
  18. Actually that's what I THOUGHT. It turned out I was able to wiggle after lowering it, I just didn't know that the first time... But which temp do you think is right? If SpeedFan is right then I would be so happy but then why the hell would my BIOS be reporting 10C more?
  19. Join our folding at home team. If your computer can run F@H 24/7, it's stable and good.
    Your mobo is made by a lower teir maker (chaintech I think), who may not bother too much with how the sensor is read in bios. Since we are talking about a few cents worth of silicon, and a real thermal meter would cost $hundreds, erros can happen. You may find a bios flash will fix a bad reading.
    At any rate, if you run fah error free, and your utility says the temp is around 40, you are probably good.
    If your system reboots you have a heat problem.
    It also helps diagnose ram incompatability, as in that case, WUs dont complete.
  20. its not just low end makers. ive seen it alot with old and modern boards.

    for instance my socket 939 MSI Neo2-FIR gives a bios idle temp around 25-30 (depending on room temp of course)
    but all reporting software in windows including the MSI corecell program reports the idle temp to be 5 to 10C lower, close to or occasionally BELOW ambient... which is impossible.

    If the full load temp is within 20c of idle, and the heatsink doesnt feel burning hot under full load when you touch it... everything is fine.

    And yes, join toms hardware folding team :)
  21. OK, I'll trust SpeedFan on this one just because the BIOS reading doesn't make any sense seeing as how I installed everything correctly. And I already downloaded F@H yesterday cause it seems like a good cause. It really ups my CPU temp though (55C once). But I'm wondering. My case came with a temp sensor for the CPU and I just stuck it inside the heatsink. Usually when I play games, it'll read a temp of about 10C higher. However, when I run F@H, the temp doesn't increase at all, but SpeedFan says it's burning. Also, if F@H is using 100% of the cpu, why is everything working as smoothly as if the load was at 5% or something?
  22. Update your BIOS - There way be a temp bug that was fixed in a later BIOS revision.
  23. My 3500+ Venice (purchased as a 'CPU in a box') with AMD approved heatsink and fan, with the stock thermal blanket, on a Chaintech VFN4 board, in an Antec 1050b case, idles at room temperature. Right now as I type it is showing 21C according to NVMonitor. This exactly matches the BIOS reading. It rarely ever rises above 32C.

  24. Well heres a simple and cheap solution to many cpu heat problems (even if you have good thermal application, it may drop temps by another 5-10C)


    I own an A64-3000NewCastle (2ghz @2.4ghz - stock HSF), before it idled at around 45C no load and about 55C+/- on 100% load with Prime95

    With the case mod, it dropped temps to 28C+/- Idle, and about 35C+/- 100% load with prime95, however I only used 1 80mm fan and it still remained very cool without the extra noise. I highly recommend doing this. :)
  25. Take a digital thermometer that you use to take the kids' temperature and hold it up against the heatsink and see what kind of temperature reading you get.

    If you don't have one or if that doesn't work try an old-fashioned thermometer and see what happens.

    It's best to try several thermometers if you can and compare the temperature readings to ensure accuracy.

    Make sure you wait several minutes for a more accurate reading.

    If the temperature readings you get are consistently lower or higher than what the BIOS is reporting then the temp reported by the BIOS is obviously wrong.

    If the temp readings match the temp reported by the BIOS or if they are close to it then there might be a gap between the heatsink and the CPU heat spreader. If that's the case try removing and carefully reinstalling the heatsink.

    good luck and have a good holiday
  26. I already have a temp sensor that came with my case taped up against the inside of the heatsink. It always reads around 10C lower than my BIOS, but isn't that expected? The BIOS reading is coming from inside the CPU die so it's always gonna be hotter than around the heatsink, right? My problem is I don't know exactly how much hotter it is inside the die. Anyone know of another temp monitoring program for the CPU?

    @AntiHax0r: That looks like a cheap and easy way to bring the temps down. I think I'll try that. Didn't know there was something a n00b like me could actually do to mod my case, lol. Thanks.
  27. i hope you didnt use your finger ti apply it the last time. Even if you used a bag between. Try to use the edge of a business card or something. Spread it thin and even. I have a venice at 2.3 GHz and it idles at 33C 1.5V on stock heatsink. So you should get something similar.
  28. Well the last time I applied it I did it the Arctic Silver way (where you just put a dab in the middle of the CPU and lower the HSF on it without spreading). I'm guessing it worked since SpeedFan gives me an idle of 36, but my BIOS still shows it at 10C higher. Is there another program like SpeedFan that monitors temps from within Windows so I can confirm the actual temp? And to think, I thought I was gonna get an idle of below 30C by using AS5. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten it and used stock everything instead... :cry:

    BTW I'm gonna try that mod. I'll post the results whenever I get done.
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