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Hey there, lately iv'e been figuring all the parts for a new computer I plan to build. I thought I had it all planned out, including the case, which is a Sunbeam Black Transformer. The case has mass cooling, nice look to it and a clear side window, which is what im looking for. Only one problem which I found out recently is that the case is very loud. One reviewer compared it to a leaf blower. The case is good and in my price range but I don't know if I want a case if it's going to be that loud...Unless anyone can solve this problem I'm going to have to get a new case. My budget for the case is around $100 Canadian (about $85 US). I am willing to spend an extra 10-20 $ if it's worth it but can anybody make any suggestions on a good case? I was looking at the Thermaltake Sopranio mabye...
Requirments for the case I want:
-Nice look with clear side window (preferrably black in colour)
-Good cooling because I plan to overclock
-at least 4 5.25" drive slots and 2 3.25" all external
-front audio/mic, usb

any help is greatly appreciated :D
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  1. I currently have this SuperFlower 201T
    but it is not currently available, so I ordered this Lian Li PC-60Plus with clear window.
    Should arrive Wed!
  2. Coolermaster RC-531 - I would have added the Antec Sonata II, but it only has 3 external 5.25...
  3. that first case looks nice rich, but I think I found a good one... what about this...http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1446794&Tab=2&NoMapp=0
    it has everything i want except only 80mm fans but meh, it can hold 4. it comes with a fan commander too! this one looks like its the one.
  4. I like the Cooler Master RC-531 (nickname Centurion 531)
  5. Meh I think i'm going to go with either the Aspire X-Cruiser or the Thermaltake Soprano
    Either one of those look nice, good cooling, and have some nice extra features :D
  6. I have the Antec P180 and love it, just have to make sure your psu leads are long enough, has bottem mounted psu
  7. OMG I'm glad those are Canadian prices because those are low-end and lower-midrange cases, respectively. I stand by my Cooler Master Centurion 531 suggestion, as it's simply a better product.
  8. Yes, that's an upper midrange case, very nice.
  9. I have a Coolermaster Wavemaster Limited Edition Blue (note the blue) and boy is that a sexy case. Extremely well made and looks awesome.

    Have a mate with a Thermaltake Tsunami and that would be my second pick but it isnt as nice as mine (not being biased).

    Hope it helps
  10. i dont know... id have to disagree i like the look of the Thermaltake Tsunami better, but thats just my opinion.
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