Abit software not monitoring fans

ABIT EQ is the software that monitors the fans, temperature, and voltages.
It does everything fine except for telling me there is only a cpu fan, no northbridge or sys fan. I already reinstalled the software to no avail. Is there a setting somewhere i'm missing?
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  1. Probably a waste of time, but first thing I'd check is to be sure something is plugged into those fan headers on the mobo.

  2. Well, everything is attached, and spinning. Double checked last night.
    Even wrapped up some of the wires and it seems to be a bit cooler actually, like 5 *F! Who woulda thought!
  3. are they 3-wire fans attached to the fan headers?
  4. yes, all fans are 3 wire.
    I'm adding in another case fan, and also putting in a barton 2500+, so I will be resetting the cmos. Maybe that will redo it all for me, who knows.
  5. The EQ software works in conjunction with the EQ BIO's settings, many of which are disabled in the BIO's, I would recommend checking them.
  6. Actually, now the bios reads the other two fans, but not the cpu fan, and tha software is the other way around... well, at least i know they're working.
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