reacuring problem , thats still at it, what to do next??

sup guys, its me again. Okay a while back i had some issues with my computer frezzing up were i couldnt do anything. I come to find out for some reason the 2 sticks of memory i had in my computer , which are corsair xms512mb pc3200, and my stick of crucial 512mb pc3200 for some reason stoped working together. what i mean is.

While back i had just one stick of memory in, which was the crucial and i decided it was time to buy another stick. Not really knowing at the time its good to buy sticks of ram of same timing and stuff i picked up the corsair memory. Now at first they wouldnt work together, then after going in my bios and setting something called 2t timings and bringing down the ram timings down they worked great together , with no problems. THen my fan went out on my computer and i dont know if something got fried or what, but problems came arise. after getting fan fixed , and eventually getting new video card, when i turned my computer on my computer would start to sometimes frezze after a while of gameplay. it got worse as time went on to eventually frezzing when the computer was just turned on, and then eventually to the blue screen of death.

NOw i was baffled why was it doing this. After bringing computer to friend house we decided to take one of the ram sticks out and that solved the problem. I came to you guys and you mentioned about uping voltage a bit, to get them to work together. So i uped it by + .1 . After doing this my memory started to worktogether again. why i had to up the voltage for them to work didnt make since to me cause i never had to before. Well after a while it started to do it again. no frezzing , but when i went into game it would restart my computer. So then i upped it again, to + .2. That seemed to fix it for a bit, but then my computer would start to reset my memory timings and stuff in the bios back to defult for no reason. then i had to take one stick out, go back into bios, cause if wouldnt make it past the boot up screen, and fix things again. THen it got to were it wouldnt work at all with 2 sticks of memory in , period. i even bought 2 sticks of ram that were the same brand and everything. Now when ever i stick any stick of ram in my second memory slot my computer will not start and i get the anoying beeps. no matter what i set my bios to, or voltage, my computer will not start when i put in a 2 stick of ram. my specs are.

athlon 64 3000
gigabyte socket 754 k8nas(somthing like that)
radeon x800gt
thermaltake 480 watt power supply(got best rating on newegg)

no matter what i do my motherboard w0nt start up when i put a memory stick in the second slot. ive checked everything i can think off. I think the best thing to do is send my mobo back in and get it replaced. sorry for the long paragraph hopefull its somewhat legibal. well some more ideas on what i should do would be helpfull thanks guys.
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  1. seems the mem slot went south
  2. yeah thats what i was thinking. the latches on the mem slot dont like to work that good anymore or something. ive even tried to push ram stick down and no dice. I really hate having to take my whole computer apart to send the Mobo back, but hey gives me a chance to buy a new case then. wonder how long it will take newegg to send me a replacement.
  3. Unplug the power from the wall, remove the battery or move the jumper for a few mnutes to clear the BIOS, then try again. If that don't work, then put one memory stick and update the BIOS.
  4. yeah i recentyl updated the bios and reset the bios . Its been going south for about 4 months now. wont work no matter what now.
  5. It can't be... but... do the capacitors looks good on the board ..
  6. Your power supply may be the problem. See what your voltage rails look like in bios.
    I think gigabyte also gives you a utility for voltages etc, so check that as well.
  7. the capisitors look good, i think were do i look under in my bios for that voltage rail. what kind of reading should i be getting on that. I would really like to check the voltage thing out. Ive been thinking about the power supply , that could explain whey it started after the fan card went out, maybe it damaged the powersupply since i had the video card and some case fans attached to it, and i read somewere about how the power supply cord to video card should be solo with nothing else attached. wouldnt it mean it would be the main power connector to the mobo. if it is wouldnt i expect to see other issues with other stuff. any more ideas on the power supply would be good. I was thinking about getting another power supply from the store and attaching it to the mobo real quick to see what happens. would i messs the computer up if i connected a new power supply to the mobo and left the old power supply connected to everything already so i dont have to undo everything. what part should it be under. i had to keep uping my voltage up to get the memory to work together and for it not to crash during games . the memory sticks arnt damaged , i ran memtest on them for 2 days straight and they come up clean. ive also bought new memory and same prob. i have no other power supply issues i think with anything else on the computer. ILl double check those capasitors and check that voltage railing thing. what should i be looking for good voltage??
  8. by the way even with one stick in, i still get these random frezzez in game and stuff , were my framerates will be good , but still my game will frezzez for a second then resume. You should have seen what it was like playing a onling game. I would get these major lag spikes.
  9. i going to presume you have removed any dust from heat sinks etc.... i have had random loc ups caused by older computers having the heatsink blocked by dust.

    other thing i would check is the thermal paste on your CPS's heat sink, dry = bad ;)

    but they only apply if its a older comp (2 - 3 years +)

    only other thing i can ask is was tehre any big storms before this state? maby you got a surge and damaged something on the mother board (not nessacarily obvious damage.)

    my guess could also be way off the mark but let me knoe if it helps you any :)
  10. Bad slot maybe. I would argue possibly the power supply unit might be bad though. It could be that not enough power is being supplied to make that slot work.

    Reboots are typically associated with a bad power supply unit. If it was the RAM slots you would get lockups and BSOD's.
  11. oh i forgot to memtion that i do get those blue screens of death. at the begging when the problem started to occur, with just the sticks running at normal bios setting, eventually they lead to the blue screens of death. I would get diff messages, some about amountable boot floppys , and other things. once they let to the blue screens of death the only way to fix it was to take out the other memory stick. Even after i did this i was getting issues in my online games hitting these lag spikes that i never got before. random frezzes in everything that was running, including ventrilo. then after getting advise from guys on here i uped the voltage a bit, and it fixed it , well kinda. I could then use 2 sticks but still had issues, and problem got worse were i had to up voltage more. Then my bios would start these random resets in my bios on my memory setup. changing the ram timings back to defult, and turing off the 2t timings setting in my bios that i use to get 2 sticks to work together. I would sometimes have to work with the second memory slot for a while before it finally reconized the memory in slot 2. i hated it when it set my bios for my memory setup. TO get the computer to boot back up i had to take out the stick of memory then boot up computer then go back into bios and set it again. THen finally it got to were i wouldnt reconize any memory in slot 2 at all. Also, the memory slot 2 is hard to get the memory to stay in the slot, the latch that holds the memory stick down was hard to get it to fasten properly to hold the memory slot down. So i guessing its either a issue with the memory slot or the power supply. Ill get another power supply and hook it up to the mobo main power supply and see what happens. if that isnt the case then it most be the memory slots or something and ill return the mobo, if it is oh well i was looking for a reason to buy a new computer case and i might as well if i have to take the mobo out.
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