Video card seating problem

Relevant Hardware:
ASUS P4P800 Deluxe
ATI All In Wonder 9800 AGP

I ran into a problem recently with a system I built about two years ago.
I had to move the machine (I moved) and once I did, it would start up with a corrupt splash screen (ASUS bios splash) and even worse once it booted up Windows.
There were dots and dashes on the bios splash screen and white and red bars once Windows started.

I would wiggle things (RAM, CPU, cards …), try again and it would boot up fine.
Next time (or maybe three boots later) it would be corrupt again.

I replaced the video card (warrantee) and it didn’t fix the problem.

I found if I put a little pressure on the corner of the video card then powered on, it would work every time (poor contact).

I’ve loosened the MB within the case and moved it up / down / clockwise / counter clockwise (about a millimeter – not much play here) and still the problem exists. I also shimmed the video card with a washer and still the problem persists.

My two questions:
• Can an AGP slot get corroded or …. broken?
• Is there something that can be done beyond what I’ve tried or is a mother board replacement immanent?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. Yes, slots can get corroded or broken.

    I think your solution may be to modify the case a little (some cases are just a little off, or it got bent a little) to let your video card seat properly.

    To see if its a 'bend the case' solution or a new mobo, pull the mobo from the case and put it on a phone book or somehting like that (box? - whatever, as long as it is electrically insulated). See if you can seat the card properly with it out of the case. If so, just bend the case a little (or trim it with a dremel - whatever needs to be done) so it fits properly.

  2. Ah, problems like yours...are typically caused by a bad case.
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