Thermaltake 480 enuff for SLI ?

Ive almost got everything figgured out for the 3 systems im building, but im recently stuck on power supply. I was once considering FSP 450, but figured that wouldnt be enough, as well as this Thermaltake 480w butterfly (in particular because i knew for a fact it fit in the clear acrylic case 1 person is getting it was a recomended PSU from the case maker-the LEDs, speed control face and extra blower fan were VERY nice extras tho). Im just wondering is this enough power for an SLI board with 6600gt or 7800gt ..? Theyre only getting one card each for now (2 are getting 6600 1 the 78), but im pretty sure im going Biostar VNF4SLI and one reason is for upgradability, so id like to plan on having 2 cards with this power suppply. So whatcha think..will it do..? Any issues ? I was also considering This Aspire PSU but until i get feedback, im going to assume its crap (it looks nice and has 500w but ive read NOTHING good about it yet) So please chime in, as im already ordering parts for these 3 puters, but they wont do much without PSUs hehe.
Mucho thanks,
FYI im going with AMD 3800x2 for the 6600 machs and the 7800 will get 4000 San Diego, theyll each prob get one HDD SATA2, Firewire card, 4 fans for all and maybe in future a TurtleBeach soundcard
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  1. nVidia recommends a 500W PSU for SLi.

    However I'm using a 485W PSU for my SLi setup (2x XFX Overclocked 7800GTX's). My system runs rock solid. But I've got an excellent PSU (Enermax noisetaker). So no guarantees, but your new system may run on 480W. I suggest that you go ahead and get a >500W PSU... especially if you're going to buy a new one anyways.

  2. Thanks for replying,
    In looking for alternatives, i stumbled upon this Rosewill It seems almost too good to be true, in the sense that its only 50 clams for 500w and it even has LED(which for this price seems even odder). True no PFC, but im wondering how important that really is. I had been leaning towards requiring PFC, since A) it saves power when it can B)if im told right, if the PSU does go bad and fry itself, it wont fry anything else with it--both real good reasons to go PFC..if what ive read is true.
    Lemme know whatcha think, thanks
  3. Would stay away from Rosewill - RoseWon't. Youg et what you pay for in PSUs. I'd go with the Enermax 535W Whisper II model EG565P or Antec Truepower 550W Model TPII-550
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