3 hard drives, audio recording, U TELL ME!!

My mother board supports 2 SATA inputs and 2 IDE ATA inputs.

I have a 120 gig SATA drive (7200rpm, 8mb), 300gig SATA drive (7200rpm, 16mb) and a 250 IDE ATA drive (7200rpm, 16mb).

I want to use on drive for WIndows XP and host applications
I want to use another driver for my sample libraries'
I want to use the third drive for my audio recording projects (Saved projects)

If you were me, what would you assign to each drive for maximum performance? ANd where would you place the paging file?
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  1. Are all the drives 7200RPM? 2mb or 8mb Cache?

    All other things being equal, I'd put OS on the 120 and split the other two by whichever will need more space. I doubt any of the drives will be that much higher performance than the other (assuming they're similar class - 7200rpm, same cache).

  2. I was hoping someone would suggest that because I presently have XP on the 120gig SATA drive and did not want to reinstall it on the IDE drive!!!

    Good point about the rpm and cache. I amended my original post!
  3. I'd do it that way with those disks then.

  4. Where would you put the paging file? (FYI I have 2 gigs ram)
  5. Gah, forgot that... :)

    Don't know. I don't know if it will make much difference because it seems you'll be using all 3 disks at all times (when performance is important) - OS, libraries & storage...

    I guess maybe OS or storage, but hopefully someone with a little more experience in this will pop in and give their expertise.

  6. Putting the windows swap file on a seprate drive only boosts performance if the swap file gets used a bunch.

    nowdays with ram being as cheap, you can get 2-3gb and not worry about swapping (also called 'thrashing').

    not sure which drive to actually put it on. Id try the swap file on each of your 2 'other' drives for a few weeks and see which one gives you better overall performance.
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