Sound Card and Hercules DJ Controler

I recently upgraded my sound card for a new X-Fi Fatal1ty and I must say Im really happy with it. But latelly I been thinking about buying Hercules DJ control ( being one eletronic music freak and hopping to start playing arround with some mixes ) but i have a few doubts. I know thet DJ control has a sound card, but while using it I would still like to take adjantage of my X-fi card instead. Now as far as I understand if while using the DJ control if I connect the colums to the DJ control Ill use its sound card while if I connect the colum to the X-Fi Ill be using the it instead of the DJ control sound card like I want too.

Sorry about the english and the noobish question
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  1. You should be able to select in windows which sound card you want to use.
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