Need to restore default permissions on folder, and subfolders and file

hi everyone,

im in need of some asstistance. i have a folder on my external drive with lots of subfolders and files inside ful of work i need to get at. but for some reason all of the permissions on that folder and its subfiles are denying me access. i can see the files and folders but i cannot open the files. i can go into every folder but again i just cannot to open any file.

i have looked on the net but im tottally stumped for ideas.

can you please help. if you know of any way to restore all of the permissions back to windows default that would be fantastic!

is there a tool or bit of software that can do this? if not i could really use a step by step guide at this if possible as i am not that confident in the command line.

thanks for your time

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  1. You could try using Linux or copying the files onto your computer.

    See how that goes 1st.
  2. What OS are you using ?

    If it's XP, start in safe mode, then browse to the folder you want. Right click on it, and select properties. Then select the "security" tab, and click on Advanced in the bottom of the window. Select the "Owner" tab, and select your user name, and check the box to replace owner on subcontainers and objects. Click on apply. This may take a couple of minutes depending on how much there is. When it's finished, you will have control of the folder and all of it's contents.

    If you are using Vista or 7, I can't remember exactly, but the procedure is similar.
  3. Wow that was fast! thank you both for your quick responses,

    well originally i was using xp when i first messed around with the permissions ( which is why they are screwed up now) my stupidity :( but im running windows 7 now , although these folders and files are on my extremal hard drive, i cannot copy them in normal mode thats for sure. shall i try the above in safe mode on windows 7?

    i really hope i can finally fix this problem. its been a right pain for a while now.

    thanks again for your time :)

  4. There is a small possibility that the files might be corrupt.
  5. hi amdfangirl

    you could be right! although my other files on the same drive are fine. and these specific files are hilghted in green for some reason? if i can try and reset al of the permission on these files so they can at least copy over i can try and open them, but all i get at the moment is an error saying

    " you dont have the correct permissions to access the file location "

    any ideas?

    Thanks again your help is much appreciated

  6. You could try running disk check, see if anything is wrong with the drive.

    Try using any other computer you can find, perhaps you can copy/open the files on that computer. If that fails, you could try using Linux.
  7. hi there, sorry for the delay,

    ive been running a disk check and everything seems to be ok as far at that is concerned:( but im still no closer to gaining access to my files, any ideas?

    i dont have access to linux unfortunately but i do have a mac if i can use that some how?

    thanks again for your help and suggestions:)

  8. Try the Mac. It might help. Macs tend to ignore Windows permissions.
  9. I use Permissions Time Machine v1.2 to restore permissions to folder or files or registry keys download it from amyd projects blog
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