trouble with overclocking, help needed

Hey i have recently tried overclocking my cpu with a program i have (easytune5). Now i have a AMD 3800X2 and have been attempting to overclock it from 2.0GHz to 2.2GHz. This shouldntbe a problem as i have about 8 fans inside my computer, 3 of which are directed onto my CPU (which also has a heatsink). I overclock it and it all works fine, the temperature isnt that high (about 31 degrees celcius) and everything seems to be fine. However after a couple of minutes the computer just crashes.

Can someone tell me why this is happening? I was using a mode called "easy mode" at first but to my knowledge that only increased the FSB and not the voltage so i tried using advanced mode slightly increasing the voltage. It lasted for a little longer but then crashed again. So also can someone tell me how much i should be increasing my voltage by for overclocking a CPU 200MHz more?

My specs:
AMD 3800X2
eVGA 7800GT CO edition
1GB PC3200 ram
Gigabyte GA-K8N-SLI Mobo
200GB HDD at 7200RPM
LG x16 Dual Layer dvd burner
x8 internal case fans

here are some pics:

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  1. 2.0 to 2.2 should be extremely easy. You should not need a voltage increase for that small of an OC and if you do it should be no more than about 0.05v.

    Your problem may be your RAM if your ram doesn't OC well. What brand/model of RAM do you have? If your ram can't OC you can run it on a divider so it runs slower allowing the CPU to overclock. The performance difference on a single-core is almost nil (really only noticeable in benchmarks), but I don't know what kind of performance hit a dual core will take from the same thing. Another thing could be the RAM voltage - check the RAM's specs for its rated voltage (usually 2.7 or 2.8) and make sure the mobo's VDIMM is set to that. If you changed it, try OCing again without the divider and see if that helps.

    Anyways, I don't know if or how EasyTune can set that, but you can set it in BIOS - just set the RAM speed to 166 or 333 (every bios is different).

  2. Dude stay away from easytune its sucks I had alot of problems with that program... Couldnt overclock more than 5% with my AMD 64 3200+

    Now I have a stable 28% overclock straight from the BIOS... I am guessing that you have a gigabyte mobo...

    In the bios press ctrl and F1 and the same time and exrta menus will be unlocked...

    There is alittle trick to overclocking AMD 64's...

    You need to make sure that your hyper transport never goes above 1000MHz so drop the HT multipler to 4 and the increase your memory clock... you should get to 250MHz with out problems... if you want to go higher you will need to drop your HT multiplier to 3 (because HT multiplier x memory clock = Hyper Transpot) at a multipler of 3 you should get to 333MHz provided you have very could DDR moduals...

    your 3800 X2 is exactly the same as my 3200+ except that yours has 2 core and mine only has one. On std AMD cooling I can get it to a stable clock of 2555MHz (equivalate to 4035+) and my temp never goes above 49c.

    Also remember to up your clock 5MHz at a time and test it. if you run in to stabilty problems you must up you VCore!!! Uping your VCore means your temp will go up.
  3. don't give up on easytune yet. With my first experience of easytune5 I overclocked my CPU 47%, which I considered as not bad. If only I could change the CPU voltage on that board I am convinced I could get it 50% or more. So I don't think Easytune is your problem
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