PSU Decision <--- Please give your recommendation

what PSU would you all recommend (keep in mind these are Australian prices so you may need to consider the relative costs);

AU$125 - Thermaltake 480W Power Butterfly (unsure if has pci-x con., has disconnectable cables and fan controller)

AU$149 - Fortron FSP-AX500 Blue Storm 500W (unsure if has pci-x con., NOT disconnectable cables)

AU$160 - OCZ Modstream 450W (disconnectable cables, pci-x con., BTX compatible)

AU$165 - Antec 550W NeoHe (pci-x con., SLI ready)

Almost definitely upgrading to (same time i get the new PSU);
ASUS A8N-E motherboard
XFX Geforce 6800GS 256mb XXX edition

To go with my;
AMD 3200 64 bit socket 939 CPU
2GB (4x 512) GeiL PC3200 Dual Channel DDR (with the blue heatspreaders)
Seagate 120GB 7200RPM
Seagate 80GB 7200RPM
Coolermaster Wavemaster Blue Edition Case
LG DVD Burner
Pioneer DVD ROM
Netgear pci wireless card
Samsung 172X LCD
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  1. Are you able to find the Seasonic 600W or the PC Power & Cooling 510 in Australia? If you can, these two are some of the best, if not the best, PSU's available on the market. I'd pend towards the PC Power & Cooling myself, since it's a PSU manufactured like a tank. It is considered the best PSU on the market. Both of these are more expensive than the models you've mentioned (the 510 being the most expensive PSU in its range, but definitely showing why it is so).
  2. HEY, if you are looking at the best SLI solution Go with the Enermax 535w SLi ready power supply... way better than antec stuff cause antec making bad psu this year and better than OCZ power supplies at lower price!

    The enermax is way the best and it is quiet!

    Or go with the ocz powerstream 520 or 600w with the sli option... but Its more expansive and not really better
  3. Not looking for SLI and not looking to spend lots, however I want a really reliable supply and one that is good value and has options for the future
  4. Buy a Tagan 480W PSU "TG-480-U22". I bought one and will never buy any other PSU, plenty of molex cables, nice sleek look, plenty of amps, can use a single +12v rail or dual +12v rail. Has a native 20 and 24 pin connector for motherboards (20pin with a 4 pin addon).

    Reviews and other specs can be found here:
  5. He is in Australia. He probably posted specific PSUs because that's what was available for him to purchase.

    PoOn: Your rig will run fine on any of the PSUs you posted - go with the cheapest of those 4....
  6. Yes I am in Australia and I want to buy from one place so that I save money on postage and they have some of the cheapest prices anyways.

    I was looking on Newegg and I saw a view bad reviews ie PSU failures from the Antec and OCZ models I posted (which are "supposed" to be good brands) so I am really confused on what would be the best for me (at least I understand the pci-express situation now). Apparently there is serious compatibility issues with the antec and Asus motherboards & I am buying an Asus. Therefore I think I will just go with the OCZ 450W cus it looks super flash 2. woot
  7. Quote:
    HEY, if you are looking at the best SLI solution Go with the Enermax 535w SLi ready power supply... way better than antec stuff cause antec making bad psu this year and better than OCZ power supplies at lower price!

    How exactly is the Enermax 535 sli ready, better than the Antec Truepower2 Sli ready, besides the price? Really I would like to kno because I have a Antec PSU
  8. I have 2 Antec's and they are both good....and both run Asus boards just is the Antec True Power 380(hell it ran my a64 3200 radeon 9800 pro 4 hdd's 4 fans and 2 optical drives sound card tv card 1 gig of ram and so on just fine) and the other is the antec smart power 450(i like it just fine too and quiet)

    Hope this helps
  9. Based on my experiences with these brands, and their relative costs, I myself would choose the Fortron. Then again, if you could get an Enermax or Seasonic, I would choose one of those first, probably the Enermax. These recommendations are solely based on my experiences with these brands over the last 10 years. Just my two cents. Happy shopping.
  10. Go with the ENERMAX liberty 620... I did it; can power 9 hdd's (8 seagate 160's SATA , 1 maxtor 250g) 3700+ amd754 , plextor 716, etc.

    but it does cost 179-189 cad dollars...

    the total power listed on the side of the PSU is the rating of the power supply (of course, only for the 620 model)

    the enermax 701 noisetaker (600 watts) took out my asus k8n -e (i think)

    Or you can go for the MONSTER psu the 'mine-is-bigger-than-yours' 'PC Power and Cooling 1000 watt unit!!!!)
  11. I have been using ANTEC PSUs for many years and have not had a problem so far.

    I cannot comment on the one you are considering because I have not used it but generally ANTEC seems to be a good choice unless of course it is known to cause problems with your board.

    Enermax is pretty good too :-)

    For the record my powerman and supermicro PSUs still work after 7+ years, I hope it stays that way!
  12. If you research the wattage of every item you an find out what PS will meet your needs. (I did this) All power supplies you listed will amply provide more than enuf power for the items you have listed. If you add more video cards and/or hard drives you would need a PS with more wattage rating. I purchased a few Antec PS and they all have performed very well with no RMA or failures. The appearance of these PS are first rate also (if you have a system with a window in the case) I purchased a Seasonic 600 w recently and it performed well but the appearance of the wiring was very bad (worst I have ever seen in a power supply). Since the appearance of this unit is so poor I am uncertain of the overall quality of this unit over time . . . would NOT recommend this unit as there are so many great performers that have great appearances also. I went to the PC Power and Cooling website to research my system items for total wattage . . . well worth the time. Good luck with your system !!!
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