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Hey Guys,

System Specs are in Siggy. I run my system at 220MHz FSB (2.4 GHz CPU). Problem that I'm having is that a large portion of the time, I'm running my system at a level where the CPU fan (stock cooler) is constantly swtiching speeds up and down. The general thermal range of my CPU (according to speedfan) is between 39 and 42 celcius. Lately the constant switching has been getting on my nerves. It's not so much the volume of it's changing, rather than just the operating hum switching frequencies constantly.

I figure I've got 2 options; 1 is to fix the CPU fan speed. The other is getting an aftermarket cooler. Option 1 is more preferably for now, as I don't have funds immediately available for computer parts (Damn Christmas shopping and university tuition to pay for). How does one fix the fan speed? Can I fix it at a higher-minimum rpm so that it's still variable for high-loads, or will I have to fix it at it's max?
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  1. Go look in your BIOS and see if there are any options for fan speed.
    Mine has an option for 'Auto' and 'FullSpeed'

    I also remember seeing a minor mod you can do to the fans that disables the variable-speed function. You endup pulling a wire out or something -- search around in the forums here and you should find it.
  2. SpeedFan can do it. Look at this pic:

    Just uncheck the "Automatic Fan Speed". then you can set the fan speed at whatever percentage you want.
  3. Install and run Folding@Home for Team THGC. That'll keep your processor warm enough that it shouldn't switch back and forth anymore. :D
  4. lol slvr.

    I'll look into things when I get back to school and infront of my machine. Home for the holidays right now.
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