Will 7800 GT/ GTX fit in a microatx case?


Will a 7800 GT/ GTX fit in a microatx case?
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  1. Depends on the case - some leave enough space for long cards, some don't. Some are low-profile and won't fit the card anyways, some are high enough profile to fit. Check Pictures and see if there's enough for the case you're interested in.

  2. if it don't look like it will fit check out some the microatx case's from cooler master and silverstone


  3. I've heard there is no such thing as a stupid question. Well, ok then, you asked an errant question, please ask one that has a single answer rather than an open ended question with hundreds of answers.

    Yes, it will fit at least dozens of Micro ATX cases
    No, it won't fit every Micro ATX case

    In fact, it won't even fit ever full-ATX case, but it will fit the vast majority of full-ATX cases.

    The problem is, cases come in all shapes and sizes. Many have a hard drive cage that gets into the way of larger cards, while many others do not. Some will allow the card to fit without a floppy drive, while the floppy drive gets in the way.

    Worse yet, it also depends on the motherboard. Most Micro ATX cases have the PCI-Express slot in the top position, where it may or may not interfere with the floppy drive. Some have it in the next position down, where it may or may not interfere with a hard drive cage.

    The only thing a rational person can do it LOOK and FIGURE IT OUT!
  4. Haro,

    When referring to microatx, I was pointing to the Aria, Silverstone, Chenming, Aspires (aka the ones that possibility of fitting a full length 6800/7800 card).

    BTW, the cube-like cases to be more exact of the listed names above.
  5. Once again check the specific enclosure. Newegg has lots of photos. Basically if it has a drive over the edge of the board, that drive will likely interfere with the card.

    Micro ATX motherboards are usually full-width, about the same as the length of the video card in question.
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