Hi I just bought a new DFI LanParty SLI-DR Expert and an a64 SDiego 3700+. Also a new 6800 GS video card.

I had a p4 s478 with an asus p4c800-deluxe mobo. I was wondering if I will encounter problems when I will install my new hardwares with the same Hard Drive I had when using the p4.

Do i need to format c:/ or you think it will be ok?

It would be nice to get a quick response :D

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  1. Avoid the pain - format and reinstall. If you get lucky you might get a repair build to work, but I wouldn't hold my breath...
  2. I agree with rugger, do a clean install. Not having to deal with all the old drivers and settings in Windows will be a blessing in the long run. As a general rule, I always format when making a "major" hardware change, as it just makes life easier.
  3. So I just install the hardwares, then I format, then reinstall and put the right drivers and all the stuff..

    thx I'm happy to know your opinions :D
  4. Backup any important data and have all of the latest drivers and utilities you want already burned onto a disk and ready for install before you format the HDD.
  5. i just switched from an AMD XP 2200+ to a AMD X2 4200+ and you can thank mr. gates for the most picky OS in the world cause anything more than basic hardware changes will at best require you to re-activate windows and at worse, (like my case) just cause an endless loop of BSOD's and you have to reinstall everything. like rugger said, back it all up to a spare HDD or a DVD and then reinstall everything, dont learn the hard way like me and have to pull your old HDD and slave it to someone else's to get your stuff off of it
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