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My Macbook Pro is running OS X Mountain Lion (Developer Preview 4).

I restarted it, but instead of booting, it's stuck on the white screen with a grey Apple logo and spinning gear. I pressed and held Command-R, and it brought me to the OS X Utilities. I wanted to reinstall OS X, but when it "Checked my computer's eligibility with Apple", there was an error, telling me to try again! I did, multiple times, and the same error appears! Now I know Mountain Lion is not out yet, and it is just a developer preview, but whats wrong?? How can I reinstall Mountain Lion? HELP!

** Also, it gave me a new error message when I tried again: "Could not write installation information to disk. Contact AppleCare". I don't have AppleCare. Again. help? :)
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  1. If you have a time machine backup either on ML or Lion, you should be okay to restore that.

    If not, you may have to wait for ML to be released to properly install it.
  2. I'd try instaling the GM. It's possible that, now that that is out, Apple has disabled the Developper's Previews.
  3. If you are a Registered Developer you should have access to the Developer Forum, if you arn't a Registered Developer that is probably why it has stopped working; Apple will (some times) disable illegal copies when it gets close to release time.
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