OCing pentium 3 933 mhz

Can anyone suggest an overclocking program that will work with my processor? Here are the specs:
Intel P3
Platform: Socket 370(PGA 370 Socket)
Vendor String:Genuine Intel
CPU Type: Original OEM processor

Current system clock speed: 133 mhz, multiplier 7. I want to go up to 1 ghz-- is that OK? I have searched for hours for a program to overclock, downloaded many and none work. Is it best to overclock the multiplier?

Thanks for any/all help. Kevin Cullen
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  1. Try booting into your BIOS and adjusting your multipliers from there. As long as your case is decently ventilated and you have a stable motherboard, I wouldn't see any problem getting your processor to 1 gHz.
  2. Well I kind of screwed up my BIOS. I set a password on it for the hell of it, now when I put the password in all it lets me do is change the password. What to do? Thanks.
  3. You can't change the multiplier, you can only raise the bus speed. What motherboard do you have?

    Too bad it's already a 133MHz FSB processor, as going above that is difficult. Overclockers were choosing 100MHz FSB processors to get a larger rise.
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