Please Help Me (FX5700LE @ Quadro FX1100)!!!

Hello friends

I like hardmod my GeForce FX5700LE (128 Mo) to Quadro FX1100

and I have seen this tutorial:

But in my "MSI GeForce FX 5700LE" I haven’t the same resistors as described in


On the chipset I have E9 and I haven’t F9 as described in tutorial

I have described all in this file, please see it:

Thank you very much
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  1. ookkkk the spanish double post version wasnt very needed. and i think it might have something to do with that you have an LE version not the regular version or higher.
  2. desole mon ami, j'ai lu ton post il y a quel que jours mais malheuresement je ne peut pas t'aider...j'ai un evga 6800gt mais je l'utilise pour jouer donc j'en ai pas besoin de modifer ce carte...bonne chance quand meme.

    yeah...french posts are tough to read for sure...'specially when you dont speak the language :wink:
  3. ok its just i have nevverr evverr seen someone post in spanish here in the forums aight.
  4. well sorry i dont have a clue about hardmodding 5700LE's to an FX1100. im still sticking with my guess, im sure they have different resistor setups for the different types of cards i guess you just got a wrong card.
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