Whats the best MoBo for a 7800gtx 512mb? Please Help!

I tried finding this out on my own today being that im in bed with pnemonia but ive finally given up.
Heres my situation:
Im getting a BFG 7800gtx 512mb and im basically rebuilding my computer around it. Im trying to find the best motherboard for the video card. I plan on eventually going SLI with the cards and i want 2 gigs of ram, the good stuff.
My bro says ive got a good enough intel processor that it wont "bottleneck" my new vid card so i dont think i need to replace that. I have a new 400 gig hard drive and a 550 watt power supply.
Im pretty lost at this point and im afraid ill buy a bad mobo :(
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  1. Hey

    There is a mobo by asus that will support that card.

    I don’t know what socket your proc is so it makes finding a mobo harder.
    But if you want to run SLI in the future this is the mobo I suggest.


    Reviews are high and people like it so you really cant go wrong.

    Also you may want to think about a new PSU that card is a power hog. I know I have 2 (EVGA Flavor though) :wink:

    Hope you get better
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