Powering on Tyan GX 28 with K8SD Pro Motherboard


I recently purchased a Tyan B2882G28S2-LC barebones server, that comes with a Thunder K8SD Pro (S2282-D) motherboard. After hooking up a processor (AMD Opteron 246) and memory (two sticks of Corsair 512 MB) I tried powering up the system. The fans come on and the "power on" LED on the front panel also lights up, but there is no other activity. There are absolutely no beeps and the keyboard and monitor hooked up to the system remain completely dead.

Is there anything I can try before trying to return this to my vendor (Newegg) ? I am just worried that there might be something basic that I am overlooking.

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  1. Yes, there are a few things that can cause that, such as not having the ATX12v connnector (four or eight pins) connected. There's actually a thread locked at the top of the main motherboard's forum that describes other reasons this might happen.
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