foxconn vs ATI Xpress 200

I have been looking around for some good motherboards 939 , and my easiest supplier has these 2
ATI Radeon Xpress 200
which of these is best ? btw I found some reviews quite strange below

mentions a problem relating to 24-pin powersupply over 20-pin !? will this be a problem for me?
since my current 400w p/s only has 20 (standard) pins.

this guy here says the ATI Radeon Xpress 200 was the only board to crash !!???

I am very curious wot u guys make of this as I am going to have to buy 1 of these boards...
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  1. First of all, the 6150K8MA-8EKRS is NOT a Radeon Express 200 chipset board. Not at all, in fact quite the reverse, it's an nVidia GeForce 6150 chipset board. Heck, you should have known that from the name!

    I've tested one with a 20-pin power supply, it worked fine for me, but they say there aren't any gaurantees it will be stable in the configuration.

    Great board, you can look up my review at
  2. well as I said I am looking at 2 mobos !
    and which of the 2 were better ? ATIXpress or Foxconn ,

    I know full well the differences btn the 2 as I saw a few reviews,
    I aggree the foxconn looks better , and ty about the 20-pins p/s answer
    its wot I needed to know , still I will try and get maybe a 500W powersupply with 24-pin capability... :-)

    fingers crossed guys , btw will let u know how it goes ....
  3. Fortron Source has a very good 400W rated power supply with around 460W peak actual output that cost just shy of $40 at Newegg. No more excuses on power...

    Of the two you're considering, I only have experience with the Foxconn board, very good experience.
  4. unfortunately in africa / zimbabwe , we don't have newegg :-(

    I would buy much better stuff if we did lol !

    I will probably go with the foxconn , pity I couldn't find any reviews on the new ATIXpress mobo ? anyone?
  5. You want me to just grab some stuff and have you meet up with me, next time I'm in Botswana?

    (it might take a while...)
  6. I would suggest an nForce3 or nForce4 based motherboard. If you cannot get an nForce3 or 4 then I would strongly recommend a VIA K8T800 or K8T890.

    I'm sure if you had a friend in the US you could newegg it and have it ship it out to you.

    Good luck!
  7. ty for the offer Crashman ! :-) ,

    however I just need (want) something for now , until april , where I
    have some friends coming down from uk, could bring some stuff with them. However I want them to bring me a 7800 gt ! , so one of the main reasons I chose the boards mentioned above is that they have quite
    strong IGP i.e onboard vga cards !
    I know the foxconn for example 6150 nvidia has been getting around
    600 in 3dmark 2005 , which is better than my fx5200 ... he he he

    btw this is the model number of the newer ATI mobo
    RS482M4-F , don't know if this one has improved on some of the kinks
    the older RS480M2-IL was supposed to have had ??

    at this rate I am seriously considering going on with the crappy p4 celeron
    2,4ghz I am borrowing in the meantime , and see wot develops during
    the year , the problem though is that this p4 is soooo slow at times and hangs up a lot when multi-tasking , so much so that I read a book
    when doing DvD ripping for example , damn silly crappa-ron chip lol !

    so I may simply buy the foxconn/ATI mobo , and just phone my supplier
    in SA and see wot they say regarding compatibility/durability etc....

    as it stands funny enuff I am still debating about 3800+x2 vs 4400+x2
    ha ha ha thats another story all together ...! :-)
  8. Hey why don't I just newegg the parts for ya, assemble, test and ship them to ya?

    We just won't tell customs ;-)

    I'm serious btw.

    happy holidays to all and all a good night
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