Overclocking 3.2 Prescott (478)

Does anyone here know about overclocking of the 3.2 socket 478 prescotts? Is it worth overclocking, or can only minimal speed increases be gained? Im power hungry.....so any improvement would be nice!
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  1. Does anyone here know about the overclockin section of this forum?
  2. thread reported
  3. Still one day to go before playing with your new toys ...

    Hang on budd..
  4. ToS rule violation, harrassing and taunting a fellow member!
    re-reported!!! :evil:
  5. what about the harassement "someone" did shouting his new system spec that include an opteron175, the ATI Asus motherboard.. what about 2 raptor or the big Dell LCD screen... to others that has much humble system? :?
    and my account sure feels the pain more than your envy. :cry: and it is just a pile of unpowered silicon. :cry:
  7. Ok..well, I have sympathy for your account then..
  8. My envy is as green as the backs he spent on that setup, so he'll get no sympathy from me.
  9. The prescotts are marvelous OCers, but they require extreme cooling.
    Check out suggestions in the OC forum.
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