Keyboard problem... or a PS/2 port?

I have a very weird problem. I just built a new PC, installed windows on it and everything. Problem is, my PS/2 keyboard does not work... The num lock light is on, but they keyboard just doesnt work, it's like its not even plugged in. Whats even weirder is that if I hook up a second USB keyboard and leave it on for 5 seconds, the PS/2 keyboard starts to work. I know its not a problem with my PS/2 keyboard because I have two of them, tried them both and they both have the same problem. So what could the problem be caused by...

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  1. Um, so how did you install Windows without a keyboard? Did it work during install?

    Everytime you plug in a PS/2 port, you have to reset the computer for it to recognize the keyboard/mouse.

    Did you install the correct drivers for the motherboard/chipset?

    Does your printer (via printer port, not USB) work?
    (The Parallel Port, serial ports, and PS/2 ports share some controllers)

    If you unplug your USB keyboard, does the ps/2 work then?

    Does the num-lock key toggle the num-lock light? Capslock?
  2. You want a guess?

    The rear edge of the motherboard normally has three or four mounting holes. If you have four mounts but three holes, the forth mount will short the back side of the board. Many boards have the keyboard controller on the top side, same location. So if one or more contacts goes through the board and gets shorted, the keyboard doesn't work.

    That's a WILD guess, but based in actual knowledge, so play with it.
  3. Try fiddling with your BIOS settings. You might try turning off USB keyboard support in the BIOS. This may force the machine to opt for PS/2. This is also a WILD guess.
  4. Uh, d00d, he might not be able to get into BIOS.
  5. If he uses the USB keyboard in BIOS, which apparently works, he can still disable USB support even with it plugged in. USB keyboards will still work untill you exit BIOS if support is switched off. Sorry, I thought that was obvious. :D
  6. Actually he never said he got into BIOS, did he?

    Most of my boards have had USB legacy mode disabled.
  7. If all else fails, try this link :,289483,sid1_gci996522,00.html

    The title of the topic reads 'Lack of response after USB-PS/2 keyboard switch'.

    It mentions adjusting some registry settings which are apparently overridden when a USB keyboard is plugged in a machine that normally hosts a PS/2. Again, i'm not sure if this is anywhere near the solution, but problem solving is a process of elimination and not an 'i'm right and your wrong' ego trip !!

    PS. here is a direct quote from the article :

    'Note that a PS/2 keyboard will still allow access to BIOS and will work in the boot-loader; it just won't work correctly in Windows. (It will, however, usually work in the Recovery Console.)'

    Uh, d00d, he can to get into BIOS !!!
  8. No, you're on an "I'm right and you're wrong" ego trip if you can't point to a spot where he said in the original post that he could get into BIOS.

    Most of the boards I've worked with have USB keyboard support disabled for accessing BIOS until you go into BIOS with a PS/2 keyboard and enable it.
  9. Oh, I see the problem: While I'm asking questions you're making assumptions.
  10. I'm not getting into a bitch fight over some guys keyboard on the other side of the planet. So I humbly appologise for assuming. Happy Xmas !!!
  11. Good reply and reminder that it is Christmas time. Enjoy the moments, there are fewer Christmas's left for us all!
    Merry Christmas and to all a good year!
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