Format Second Hard drive, help

I am using my computer strictly for audio recording. I am using my secind SATA drive for my sample libraries. In one of the WIndows XP format windows, there are boxes for 'Perform Quick format' and another for 'Enable file and folder compression'

Should I check these?


- Steve
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  1. Quick format only if you have formatted the drive before. Actually if you check it and it detects the drive is not formatted it will give an error I believe.

    The 2nd check box... are you ever going to use compression? if so check it, if not, don't check it.
  2. Thanks for the info!!! One learns so much when upgarding your system!!

    Should I want my files compressed? This drive will be used soley for my audio samples library. I'm formatiing right now and it is taking a long time! It is only at 21% and its been 10 minutes!
  3. Compressing drive suffers a performance penalty, I don't want it, if I need space, I buy a drive.
  4. Thanks SUpreme!
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