Install RAID 0 driver for XP install using CD?

Can XP be installed new RAID 0 without using driver for RAID on a floppy, maybe a CD if you had two, one for O/S, other CD for drivers? This is the boot drive. There is a bios menu for creating array and setting stripe size, etc.

The board is an Asus A8R-MVP
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  1. I've installed a raid 0 setup on 3 different motherboards and I've always had to provide the raid drivers on a floppy diskette ..... Otherwise windows cannot format them ( the drives ) as a single unit ....... Although your BIOS supports Raid 0,1 and some others even 0+1, Windows does not .......
  2. This one also supports 0+1 and RAID 5

    I know I have to use driver disc, I want to know if a CD rom can be used in place of a floppy disk.

    Example, have install XP disk in DVD1, and driver in DVD2, with no floppy...
  3. I like the question and have been wondering the answer myself. for now I got a floppy drive and cable I yank out and connect if I ever need to do this. with the new media types, I dont see any reason to use floppy drives except for RAID driver installs or bios flashes. bios flashes have even been upgraded to be done from the OS as well (on some mobos anyhoo), so that aint gonna last long. come on Microsoft! kill the floppy with Vista!

    for now though, you are stuck with the floppy and mashing F6... yay....
  4. Quote:
    for now though, you are stuck with the floppy and mashing F6... yay....

    That is what I wanted to know for sure, thanks.
    I will use one just temporarily, only as needed and won't keep it installed.
  5. Do us a favor. Try burning the drivers to a cd, then when it cant find the floppy, give it the optical drive letter, and see if it works. It's worth a try, and would be a nice option. Let us know.
  6. will try it, who knows, could work.
  7. I have tried and it did not work
    so i got a FDD with card reader. so it has a use....and some boards can use a flash card or usb stick in place of the FDD when the bios has a option to run a flash drive as a FDD

    so there is hope!!!!

    Hope this helps
  8. It is not possible to use a cd for this
  9. Seems like it would be easy to implement.
  10. Quote:
    Seems like it would be easy to implement.

    I wonder if the raid driver could be slipstreamed? :D
  11. Windows is soooo braindead. I had the same problem and in the end I had to rip an old computer apart and steal the FDD to do the install.

    As previously stated on certain boards you might be able to fool windows into using a card reader or USB flash drive if you can tell the BIOS to make it drive a:

    Linux doesn't have this problem :-)
  12. OMG wonderful, building a custom gaming system for someone with a Core2 Quadcore and Intel motherboard, the board comes with RAID drivers on a floppy however theres is no floppy cable connector on the board!

    So they give the choice of useing a USB floppy drive or changing the BIOS to use AHCI =(

    Found this article when searching for a possible way to slipstream it into an xp install cdrom somehow, has anyone had any luck with that approach?
  13. Awsome, I found a solution, I was right you CAN slipstream the RAID drivers (as well as other drivers) onto a custom xp installation cdrom using a program called nLite. I was able to import the RAID drivers onto the xp install cdrom, at install you dont even need to press F6 to load RAID drivers it automatically loads them and install was able to see my SATA raid drive.

    Windows xp installed successfully and I even added the xp media center edition desktop theme to the xp pro install cdrom and had it use that as the default theme.

    You can download nLite at free, theres also a version for vista at

  14. I will tell you straight from experience that Windows Xp, even with SP2 on the disk, needs a floppy with the RAID drivers on it in order to see the drives. I used to have a RAID0 setup on my old machine with XP and everytime I would re install XP I needed my floppy.

    Now Vista has the generic drives on the disk and doesn't need the floppy. But XP means floppy is needed.
  15. O so nice, Im getting ready to re-install Windows so Im gonna try this slipstream method.
  16. Alienistic said:
    Awsome, I found a solution, I was right you CAN slipstream the RAID drivers (as well as other drivers) onto a custom xp installation cdrom using a program called nLite.

    Yep, that's what I would have suggested if you hadn't hit on it yourself.

    Take a gander at as well. My current XP install disk has been updated to SP3 with the LAN, chipset, mass storage, and CPU drivers slipstreamed in - that'll let me install on any of my systems with functional internet right out of the box, which I can use to download any other drivers I'd need (video, sound, etc).
  17. Windows cannot install to the hard disk that using RAID automatically...still usin g floppy ...? it's stupid technology......
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