will 1.5v of motherboard support 8x AGP card(Nvidia 6200TC)

will 1.5v of mobo (agp slot) supports the 8x of new graphics card like nvidia 6200 or will it run properly.
my mobo is MSI (
845 pro)
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  1. yes...1.5v will be fine as that is what the 8x slots are designed for

    AMD X2 4200+
    MSI K8N-Neo2
    evga 6800gt
    2gb (4x512mb crucial ballistix)
  2. He is correct. 1.5V should work fine (I hope so at least...mine's 1.5V!)
  3. Actually 8x cards are not designed for 1.5v, but 0.8 volt. 1.5v slots are intended for the 4x agp 2.0 spec. Most 8x cards are supposed to be backwards compatible with a 4x 1.5v slot, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will run stable or at all for that matter. If your agp slot is 3.0 compliant it will run 4x or 8x cards.
  4. i guarantee that if you get any mobo with a 1.5v AGP slot you will be fine. feel free to go here and verify what the last guy said about 0.8v

  5. As I stated it is supposed to be backwards compatible. According to the link you provided it states pretty much the same thing as I said previously.

    "a motherboard that supports 1.5V (AGP 4x) video cards should work ok with a .8V video card (AGP 8x), however in the later example the video card would only work at the fastest speed the motherboard supports (AGP 4x)."
  6. Should and always are different things. AGP8x cards always work properly at 1.5v because, as it turns out, every single 8x card on the market it 4x compatible. Over half of them are even 2x compatible.
  7. Sorry I forgot to address you directly: Your 4x card will work in your 4x board. What, you thought it was an 8x card? You're wrong, it's an 8x/4x card.
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