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I decided to format my computer after it started to mess up on me. By messing up, I mean BSOD, random shutdowns, long windows load times etc. After I formatted the comp, I ran a memtest 86+ on my 512mb stick of crucial ballistix to see if it was messed up. I ran it for a few hours without any errors. I then proceeded to install windows xp on my 74 gb raptor and this is where the problem starts. It got to the installation of start menu programs and just hung there. I restarted, it re ran the installation, and then gave me a BSOD about halfway through again. I restarted one more time and CHKDSK came up i believe and ran through real quick. After it rebooted, it then proceeded to reinstall windows once again, but after it got to about 9 mins left, the comp just restarted. This leaves me with reason to believe that the hd might have crapped out on me, but I have no idea why that would happen. I have not overclocked anything, I have not disconneted anything, and i have no idea why i can't get past installing xp.

i have san diego 3700+, ocz 600w psu, lanparty SLIDR mobo, 512mb cruciall ballistix, 7800gtx and of course raptor 74gb.
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  1. Could be a BIOS setting, are you overclocked?
    Is RAID enabled/disabled?
    Is SATA selected as boot drive?

    Gotta troubleshoot.
  2. I reset the bios and the only setting i changed was the ram voltage from 2.6 to 2.8v becuase thats what the ballistix should be set on. THere is no overclocking either. I got another BSOD that said something like IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

    Raid isnt enabled and I will check on the SATA enabling... however i never had this problem with formatting and restoring bios. THe restoration of bios is built in and is something like "load optimized settings "

    tried installing one more time but got another bsod saying "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA"... caused by NTFS.SYS... its an HD issure now right?

    This is probably a RAM problem. I've had two of them in the last couple years, and both times new RAM fixed it.

  4. That normally indicates a RAM problem, but RAM problems can be caused by other things such as a failing motherboard or power supply.
  5. You could always do a debug to rule the hdd out. Prob mem though from what i've seen.
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