Question about EVGA 7800 GT, and DVI to VGA adapters.

It says it supports DVI, but then I notice it says it has DVI to VGA adapters. I assume these will allow me to use a VGA monitor? I only ask because the bit of research I've done has just confused me even more.
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  1. Haro,

    Yes you can connect any vga monitor to 7800's dvi ports. The dongle end (facing out) is where you conenct your crt/ lcd's cable. The other part fits into the dvi port.

    This is the same with any card that has a dvi port: x800 series, 6600/6800/ 7800 series, etc
  2. Thanks. I'd MUCH rather look stupid asking a question like this than ending up not able to use my computer until I can afford a new monitor.
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