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Howdy folks,

I run a Shuttle X system, AMD 3000+ using a 9600XT for graphics oomph. The graphics card is getting a little long in the tooth (well the whole sysem is, really). I'm trying to find a new card for the machine and I'm running into an information wall. The system uses a 220W power supply, and most of the current generation want 300W or better.

What does the crowd recommend that I replace the 9600XT with, that will run in my system without exceeding the power supply?

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  1. what type of games do u play? look into 9800 or 6600s...
  2. Generally I play FPSs or the Morrowind class of role-playing games. Moderately or heavily graphically intensive.
  3. uh what type of amd 3000 cpu u got? XP? Sempron? 64? List the other stuff of your system- case fans? any pci cards? how many hard drives? cd-rom? etc...
  4. Ok, The processor is AMD XP 3000+, 1G Kensinton RAM (quoed as CAS 2.5 at time of purchase), 1 Maxstor 120G harddrive (running on parallel ATA), no PCI Cards, 1 CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive, <manufacturer unknown, probably Gainword) ATI 9600XT graphics card. Fan type is unknown, but they are variable speed (and noisy for that matter).
  5. Find a good price on a vanilla 6800 or X800GTO
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