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Speaking of Q3 help...HELP! I can't make the timedemos run anymore. Anytime I enter the command 'timedemo 1' and try to play one of the demos, the screen will flash and then take me back to the main menu. This happened after I upgraded to version 1.27 of Q3. I was able to run the timedemos with no problem running of the installation of version 1.11. My system is as follows:

PIII 866
GF2 GTS 64 mB
Det. 6.5

Anyone help???
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  1. For gods sake, 'get' the full game....

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  2. I have the full game. I'm talking about demo1 and demo2 that come with the game so that we can run time trials to check fps.
  3. For god sake get a real benchmark, quake is like older than my grandma's ass wart. Quake 3 sucks. Badgraphics, horrid animations, and who cares what frame rate you can run. A damn pentium 75 could run that crap. UT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Good grief, what a stupid post. I asked for help on benchmarking, not your opinion. Personally I do play UT more than Q3, but I have always benched with Q3 just because it has been more convenient, as well as it is a basis for comparison with my previous tweaks to my system. Mr. Pabst does his benchmarks with Q3 still, and that's good enough for me. And just for kicks, a P75 won't run Q3, I've tried it on my P100 system, that's because back in the day, most P75 systems didn't come with graphics cards that will work on Q3. I'd like to know what you mean when you say, "real benchmark", I've been using 3DMark2001, but then again, I can't compare my current scores with past ones, because there aren't any, eh?
  5. Well, time for a real reply eh?
    After you upgrade to 1.27h you must use demo127:
    -timedemo 1
    -demo demo127
    It's a different demo but still good enough for benchmarks.
    dhluke: he 'has' the full game, "demo" is used for benchmarking and replaying games. I'm still working on overclocking my mouse though ;)
    bigpurplemonster: You are so funny. I have a pentium 200. I used to play UT on it with no 3d card while at least quake III requires one. You do the math and figure which is older. Any guy with a geforce 1 sdr can run ut max, while q3 chokes even an ultra (nv15: 40fps).
    Q3 is a good benchmark. It gets as much frames as your computer can handle, while UT doesn't. I play both and each has its own charm.
    I hope that helped MoJoHDWu.

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  6. The patches from v1.25 onwards changed the demo code and it makes any demos recorded with version 1.17 or earlier unplayable with the new code. There is supposed to be a way to play them from the console, but I've never got it to work. ID are supposed to be addressing this problem in a future patch.

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